Thursday, December 31, 2009


Dillon is able to ride his bike, listen to his ipod and not run over any animals (most of the time). He does have occasional crashes which he jumps up from screaming "I'm OK".

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Chloe, Hannah, Ida & Dillon...

*****All sweaters made by great-grandmother Dolly*****

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Day....

Christmas morning!!
Everyone was up by 6:30am ready to go. Dillon was very into opening his gifts this year. Everyone got just what they wanted....and then some!

After opening all the presents Santa left, we headed over to Meme and Papa's for lots more presents and dinner. The kids had great time. Besides us, PJ, Donna and McKenna were there as well. The kids LOVE hanging out with their cousin McKenna.

Dillon and Uncle PJ love Cheez-its! These really were a gift to PJ from Dillon, but Dillon just saw his name on the tag and ripped into them. Papa keeps a "special" box of Cheez-its just for Dillon.
PJ getting the Cheez-its and helping Dillon open his BIG dump truck.

Hannah, Papa and a crayon maker.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas morning video....

Dillon got an ipod for Christmas. It was preloaded with all of his favorite music!

Christmas Eve....

Christmas Eve at our house.

The adult table.
The kids table.
A picture before our families arrived. I'm not sure what Dillon's doing to his lip.
Again, I'm not sure what he's doing :)
A jingle bell hat from Grampie.
Three very nice Christmas gift bags that Gramie made.

Barnes and Noble gift cards from Gramie and Grampie for all!

We're hoping we can win this game :)

A really fun bunch of games for the Wii.

Dillon's new tractor from Gramie and Grampie.
Gramie made this scarf for Dillon. It is so cute!

Uncle PJ and Dillon check out the super tractor.

Chloe's snuggie from Gramie and Grampie. We'll all got one!

Go Ida!
Ida, Chloe and Hannah playing a game.

Our "new" Christmas tree ornaments.

Meme made the kids Christmas cute!

Santa was here!

Thursday afternoon we had the whole family over for dinner.Meme, Papa, Gramie, Grampie, Aunt Holly, Uncle PJ and cousin Ida. (McKenna and Donna we missed you :) The kids opened gifts and then we ate dinner. After dinner we went to church for a beautiful Christmas eve service.....thank you Pastor Donna.