Sunday, June 3, 2012

May 2012.....

The girls Spring concert.

 Hannah's "kids" birthday party at the Great Escape Indoor Water Park. I really wasn't able to get good pictures of the girls on all the slides because it was so hard to keep track of them. Plus me and Darr were in the lazy river most of the time with Dillon. They all had a great time. The arcade was also included.

Here is Hannah opening some gifts at home. Her "main" gift was her hamster Bella.

Her family party was at Woodford State Park. It was COLD and RAINY but it went well. After the party, which included pizza and cake, the kids spent the night.

Here are a couple of pictures from The Girls On The Run Race. It's really not a race. It's a 5k course to walk, run, crawl or whatever they can do. At our school it's a 12 week program for girls in grades fourth and fifth. Chloe did the program for two years. It's all about being a "girl". The "race" is the grand finale of the program. Girls from all over the area are invited to the "race".  Parents and siblings are also invited. We are so proud Hannah took part in this program.
Hannah, Dorothy, Serena and Ida
Salem's team.
Hannah, Dorothy, Mikayah, Lilly and Ida

On Memorial Day we went to Lake St. Catherine for a picnic. The girls each brought a friend. The weather was perfect.

Hannah, Charity, Chloe and Dorothy

Coming up in June we have the end of the school year
and Dillon's sixth birthday! Hannah and Dillon both have field trips coming up. I'm going with Dillon's class but can't go with Hannah's due to it being on the same day. Meme will be going with Hannah's class. Also we should be hearing more about Hannah's toe surgery.