Monday, August 27, 2007

My bottle and blanket and I'm happy!!!

Today we received an email letting us know that the bio mom is scheduled to go see the judge sometime this week. Hopefully this happens the first time. The agency is very optimistic because our lawyers feel the bio mom seems more "reliable". Adoptions in Guatemala right now are very shaky. There are so many "officials" that are making it so difficult. We can't wait to have Dillon home with us and have this whole adoption behind us. We would never say that an adoption is not a good idea, but anyone interested in Guatemala get ready for a very rough ride. We are very grateful for Guatemala for our soon to be son, but they certainly have made it hard. We will post any new info as soon as we get it!! Everyone keep your fingers crossed.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Still waiting...

We found out today that the bio mother needs to be seen by the judge. He feels that her signatures are different and wants to interview her. We are assuming this will clear up any doubts or issues with her signature. How long this will take is unknown. The judge will set up a time and hopefully she will be there. As this is so disappointing it could have been worse, the judge could have ruled against the adoption. Our adoption supervisors mentioned the judge may want to do this and they agree that it is a good solution.
Here is another picture from our visit trip. Dillon is so good about sleeping anywhere. He is going to see Dr. Montiel in early September so if we get pictures, we will post them.

Friday, August 17, 2007

No news is good news????

We have had a few updates in the last couple of weeks, but they just say that their is no new news. An online friend who is in judicial review has been in for five weeks and has heard nothing. She also has the same lawyer as us. We have been in for two weeks this past Monday-I think. I don't have an exact date.
Here is another picture from our visit trip. Dillon after his bath with his hair slicked backed. I will continue to keep the blog up to date, hopefully with more info soon!