Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pug Parade

On October 21st we loaded up and headed on an hour long trip north to attend the annual Pug Parade. For those who don't know, my parents have a pug. This is the second pug. The first one unfortunately passed away some months ago. This pug gets better treatment then me and my brothers ever saw! Winston (the pug) rates as high as the grandchildren. We have been attending this parade since it started. People (crazy like my parents) dress their pugs up (and sometimes themselves) and parade these dogs around hoping to win a prize. Believe it or not some people travel great distances to attend this parade. When Hannah was a baby she was in her stroller at this parade and someone looked in the stroller and was actually disappointed that it was a baby and not a pug. I don't think that would happen anywhere but a pug parade, but I also don't think you would see a pug(s) riding in strollers anywhere else. So here is a picture of Winston the witch and a picture of Chloe, Hannah, Winston and my niece, McKenna.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Dillon's September Measurements

Today Dillon's doctor emailed me his measurements from September, but no pictures. As of September 17, he weighs 20lbs. 12oz. and is 29 inches tall. He is now being treated with an antibiotic for his long-lasting cold. Hopefully soon his hearing test can be done. The lawyers are currently working on obtaining the new birth certificate. We were told that the birth mother came in today to do the final sign off. If this happened then the new birth certificate should be ready anytime in the next three weeks.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Hannah's Photography

No news with the adoption, but thought you all might like this picture Hannah took at the Balloon Festival this year. It is amazing what you can do with a digital camera. Even a 5 year old can take a great picture.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Still no hearing test!!

The hearing specialist refused to do the hearing test (again, I think) due to the fact that he has/had a cold. The agency talked to the foster mother and Dillon seems much better since last Friday, so they are going to try to schedule the test this week. After that is done we will get the medical report with pictures, I hope! The lawyers are working on finalizing everything so he can come home. I will keep you all posted.

Friday, October 12, 2007


Here is our adoption timeline. This won't necessarily make a lot of sense to some, but others in the adoption process will understand.

4/25/06-signed with Adoptions from the Heart
5/2/06-I-600A filed
5/23/06-Federal Fingerprints
6/30/06-Homestudy hand delivered to Albany INS
7/12/06-I-171 issued
7/14/06-Dossier sent to Guat. Consulate NYC via courier
7/17/06-referral received
7/18/06-referral accepted after review by Dr. Aronson
7/19/06-dossier received back after authentication
7/28/06-POA signed and dossier hand delivered to lawyer
7/27-7/29/06-trip to sign POA in Guatemala
8/9/06-Hired Adoption Supervisors
8/?/06-attorney lost I 171-H
9/10/06-new I 171-H to attorney, delay in translation of documents
9/19/06-POA registered
9/27/06-Enter Family Court
10/10/06-Social Worker interview canceled, bio mom can't make it
11/7/06-Social Worker interview and DNA completed
11/13/06-DNA 99.9% match
11/19-25/06-1st visit trip
11/24/06-out of Family Court
12/8/06-Preapproval issued by US Embassy
1/9/07-Enter PGN
1/30/07-Assigned reviewer
2/1/07-6 previos (mistakes) so they claim, reviewer fired, bio mom needs to be re interviewed
3/20/07-bio mom interview-can't make it
3/28/07-bio mom interview-can't make it
4/20/07-bio mom interview-can't make it
5/7/07-bio mom interview completed
5/25/07-back to PGN (2nd time submitted)
6/6/07-kicked out of PGN
6/22/07-back to PGN (3rd time submitted)
7/6/07-kicked out of PGN
7/18-24/07-second visit trip
7/24?/07-lawyers have had enough of PGN, enter Judicial Review
9/7/07-Judge reinterviews bio mom
9/19?/07-Judge rules in our favor, PGN has 3 days to appeal
9/19/07-Informed we are now going to the appeals court
10/9/07-Informed PGN missed the 3 day appeal opportunity, adoption is completed!
10/25?/07-Birth mom gives final signature
10/26/07-Documents to civil registry
11/19/07-Guatemala City birth certificate issued
11/22/07-Passport issued
11/26/07-Translation of documents completed
11/2?/07-DNA authorization
11/2?/07-DNA sample taken
12/?/07-DNA results
12/?/07-DNA results at the US embassy in Guatemala
12/??/07-Embassy appointment
12/??/07-Pick up Visa
for the final steps to be completed-second DNA, embassy appointment, then HOME.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Adoption Supervisors confirmed it

Just a quick note to let you all know the Adoption Supervisors have checked with our lawyers and we are indeed "done". The adoption has been approved. They are confident that Dillon will be home for Christmas. I emailed them Tuesday and didn't hear back which is very unusual for them. So today I emailed them again and they were certainly surprised. They never got the first email. Like us they thought we were in the court of appeals. What a nice surprise to everyone.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Funny little "sign"

Hi Everyone. As you know Dillon is coming home around Christmas or early January (if all goes as planned). We are really hoping he is home by Christmas and asked the agency what they thought and we were told to pray really hard. Well yesterday Hannah (our 5 year old) came home from school with a book called "I'll be Home For Christmas". We had not been talking about Christmas or Dillon being here for Christmas she just randomly picked this book. I'm not a believer of "signs" but we'll have see about this one!
Dillon's medical report can't be released until the hearing specialist sends his report, so we are waiting for that. As soon as I get it, I will post it.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!!

I just found out that our case DID NOT go into the court of appeals. PGN didn't respond in time to appeal it (or that is how I understand it). The lawyers picked up the final decree of approval and now have paper work to do to finalize the adoption, including a new birth certificate saying Darr and I are his parents. Dillon should be home by Christmas!!!! (If everything goes right for once).

Monday, October 8, 2007

No News

Hi everyone. Still no news on the court of appeals or Dillon's medical report. I have requested that Septembers report be sent, even without the specialists report. Hopefully we will get that. We are hoping to be done with the court of appeals by the end of October, but who really knows. I will continue to keep you updated.