Friday, October 12, 2007


Here is our adoption timeline. This won't necessarily make a lot of sense to some, but others in the adoption process will understand.

4/25/06-signed with Adoptions from the Heart
5/2/06-I-600A filed
5/23/06-Federal Fingerprints
6/30/06-Homestudy hand delivered to Albany INS
7/12/06-I-171 issued
7/14/06-Dossier sent to Guat. Consulate NYC via courier
7/17/06-referral received
7/18/06-referral accepted after review by Dr. Aronson
7/19/06-dossier received back after authentication
7/28/06-POA signed and dossier hand delivered to lawyer
7/27-7/29/06-trip to sign POA in Guatemala
8/9/06-Hired Adoption Supervisors
8/?/06-attorney lost I 171-H
9/10/06-new I 171-H to attorney, delay in translation of documents
9/19/06-POA registered
9/27/06-Enter Family Court
10/10/06-Social Worker interview canceled, bio mom can't make it
11/7/06-Social Worker interview and DNA completed
11/13/06-DNA 99.9% match
11/19-25/06-1st visit trip
11/24/06-out of Family Court
12/8/06-Preapproval issued by US Embassy
1/9/07-Enter PGN
1/30/07-Assigned reviewer
2/1/07-6 previos (mistakes) so they claim, reviewer fired, bio mom needs to be re interviewed
3/20/07-bio mom interview-can't make it
3/28/07-bio mom interview-can't make it
4/20/07-bio mom interview-can't make it
5/7/07-bio mom interview completed
5/25/07-back to PGN (2nd time submitted)
6/6/07-kicked out of PGN
6/22/07-back to PGN (3rd time submitted)
7/6/07-kicked out of PGN
7/18-24/07-second visit trip
7/24?/07-lawyers have had enough of PGN, enter Judicial Review
9/7/07-Judge reinterviews bio mom
9/19?/07-Judge rules in our favor, PGN has 3 days to appeal
9/19/07-Informed we are now going to the appeals court
10/9/07-Informed PGN missed the 3 day appeal opportunity, adoption is completed!
10/25?/07-Birth mom gives final signature
10/26/07-Documents to civil registry
11/19/07-Guatemala City birth certificate issued
11/22/07-Passport issued
11/26/07-Translation of documents completed
11/2?/07-DNA authorization
11/2?/07-DNA sample taken
12/?/07-DNA results
12/?/07-DNA results at the US embassy in Guatemala
12/??/07-Embassy appointment
12/??/07-Pick up Visa
for the final steps to be completed-second DNA, embassy appointment, then HOME.

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