Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Here are some pictures of the kids and their new stuffed animals from Build A Bear. As you can see the girls haircuts are unnoticeable. Dillon's is very noticeable! He still must close his eyes when he smiles.
We are "working" on the blog header. So, hopefully a new winter themed blog soon:)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dillon's behavior...

Today Dillon had to go get his second flu shot. Apparently when you get your first flu shot ever, you must get a second one. He got his shot like a champ. I've never seen him behave so good. He didn't even cry. The bandaid seemed to be a small concern, but he was so good. So unlike his "normal" behavior there. He isn't necessarily bad with shots, he just can't be still and gets into everything!
After that we went for a haircut. I wasn't going to get his haircut again until spring because it is a bit of a battle. Again, he just can't be still. As his hair grows, it just grows up and gets puffier and puffier. I don't think his hair would ever hang in his eyes. I wanted his haircut so he would look "good" for his appointment in court next Monday (name change). Well, were we surprised. That boy sat still for the entire haircut. I about dropped dead. I was feeding him nerds (candy) but not a lot, and it never worked before (with M&M's). We had told him he could have a candy cane AFTER his haircut, but again, AFTER doesn't register with Dillon. Only NOW does. Kerry the hairdresser thought he was good because of the time of day (before lunch, we usually go after his nap). Who knows, but wow. None of us could believe it. I think the "older" woman with curlers was even impressed. Darr got his haircut and the girls both got trims.
Later this week we are going to take the girls and meet up with some friends to see the movie "The Tale of Despereaux". Dillon will be staying with Meme as long as she is feeling okay. She has been battling bronchial pneumonia but is better.
Earlier this week we went to Build a Bear. Chloe made a penguin and picked out a stylish outfit for it. Hannah made a bunny named Butterscotch and picked a sweet tank top and pants for it. Dillon got a small moose. I thought he would like it because of his reindeer, but he doesn't seem to interested! After Build A Bear we went to Applebees for lunch with one of our giftcards from Grampie and Gramie-thanks for lunch. Then we headed home. I wish we had a Build A Bear closer. This one is a hour away!
Sorry no pictures. I'll try tomorrow.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas pictures.....

Santa has arrived :)
Another American girl baby to add to the collection. Her name is Elizabeth or Grace. I'm not sure.

More Sponge Bob.

Lots and lots of WebKinz.

Lots of Melissa and Doug durable, wooden toys. They might last a month or so.

Even more Sponge Bob.

Nice smile.

Yes, those are M&M's for breakfast:) He wanted McDonald's.

Yes, another Sponge Bob item. She can't get enough.

American Girl clothes.

Hooray a Nintendo game!!

Okay, I will confess I plan on reading that book. Only to see if Kate is as nasty in the book (to Jon) as on the show. Chloe does love that show.

More silly smiles.

Hannah with her spa. We used it today. What beautiful scents :)

Chloe with some new CD's

What could be in this box? I'm not sure if he realized that it was the same toy he had been playing with a couple of weeks ago. I was busy (probably working on this blog :) in the computer room. He opened the gate and came in. Eventually I looked to see what he was doing and he had this toy out playing with it. It was from Hannah, a bead maze, which he loves.

Dillon's new fire truck.

What a mess! Off to Meme and Papa's house for more presents.

Dillon and "Marvel the Mustang".

Papa opening his picture collage of the kids.

Hannah and Marvel.

McKenna's "cool" traffic light and another smile with his eyes closed.

Look for a "new" blog design coming soon. We bought some new photo software and Darr is going to try to redesign the blog again. Nikki, I'll email you if there is a tragedy!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas....

Before Dinner....
Before Church....

Before Bed.....
I stand corrected about Santa. Hannah and Darr sat on Santa's lap 2 years ago when Hannah was in preschool. Santa came to preschool and she actually sat on his lap. It was amazing.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Wow, it's cold.....

Today Ida came to spend the day with us. The girls had been asking to go outside, but it was so cold I made them wait until it was at least 20 degrees outside. We made it there around 2pm. Needless to say they weren't out too long. Maybe they knew hot chocolate and cookies were waiting for them.
****Laurie F.-I don't have a camcorder. I just use my camera. So maybe I do have a camcorder??? Anyway, it is a Sony Cyber-shot. If you want more details let me know. I've been told it is a good camera by Rays Supply.

Finally, someone to sit on Santa's lap.....

Well, this will come as no surprise to anyone who knows Chloe and Hannah-Dillon is our first kid to sit with Santa. The girls never have and probably never will. I gave up years ago. We were happy with just a glance or maybe even a wave. So here he is....happy as ever. (Of course there were a few fits. Nothing to do with Santa though:)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Church Christmas Pageant...

Chloe (Mary) and Hannah (an angel) before church started. Pastor Donna did a great job with the costumes. No need for all of those costumes nightmares Donna :)
Rehearsal with Pastor Donna.

The "show" starts with Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. Pastor Donna had arranged it so nobody had to speak. Just sit and look pretty and handsome. The "story" was told through Christmas carols and bible versus.

Then the angels joined. We could've used a shepherd but Dillon was our only choice, so we passed :)

Here is Dillon wearing a sweater Dolly made for Chloe. Hannah wore it as well. We are getting good use out of it! It is perfect for today as it is so cold and has been snowing since Friday.

Braedyn wasn't requested for the Christmas pageant at church, so he just spent his time on HIS mountain (which I must say is growing each day:)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Good news Mr. Rotten Security Guard.....

we have an appointment with the judge!-Who by the way I've heard LOVES to do these ceremonies and see the children. January 5- bright and early! We are going to be getting Dillon's named officially changed and he will be issued a New York State birth certificate. This is NOT a requirement, as he is already a United States citizen. His name is legally Kenneth Aron Hanks right now and he only has one (copy) birth certificate from Guatemala. After the "ceremony" we can get him a birth certificate issued by the state of New York that will say Dillon Dean Hanks. Imagine in years to come if we accidentally loose that one birth certificate from Guatemala City???? Imagine trying to get another one???? Plus the Guatemalan birth certificate has his name as Kenneth Aron. Try explaining that to the school, social security office, pediatricians office, etc. After this we will have to get a new SS card. All peanuts compared to the adoption!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas concert video...

****Before you play the video, go to the bottom of the blog to shut off the music that normally plays*****

Thursday, December 18, 2008

FFF-Christmas fun....

Wednesday night we went to Chloe's Christmas concert (grades 3 thru 6)at school. This was our first "night" concert, as Chloe is in third grade. Friday we will go to Chloe and Hannah's concert during school. That one will be grades K thru 4 and so adorable. Chloe's concert was very good. Even some of the teachers joined in by dancing during the "Reindeer Prom". I will post pictures of both concerts. If anyone has a child in any of the pictures and wants them removed, leave a comment on the blog and I will delete the picture. It is really tough to get just a picture of our kids. Plus they ALL look so cute I just know everyone would like to see them. This goes for teachers as well :) I tried to get some "dance" shots, as they were all very good! Another thing I would like to explain are EVERYONES eyes. I don't use red eye on my camera, as it slows it down. Once I download the pictures I use a computer program to "fix" the eyes. For some reason it just is NOT working on these concert pictures. So I have turned red eye on and we will see how tomorrows pictures go. Check back for more pictures later Friday.
Chloe in her "Christmas concert" jumper that Meme made. Hannah also has one she will be wearing tomorrow. All three kids have Christmas tee shirts that Meme made as well. Dillon will be wearing his tomorrow.
Dillon showing me that he saved some of his dinner for the concert.

Some teachers dancing to the "Reindeer Prom".

Chloe and Dillon enjoying the rest of the concert. If I were Chloe, I would have sat with a family that didn't have a two year old!!!! He tried to be still, but just couldn't.
Dillon sitting with Papa, and no he's not tired, just a BAD picture of him. I couldn't take it again because I'm certain the flash was very distracting to the audience.
Darr and the kids waiting for the bus. Check out Dillon's "new" ride. He usually rides in a car that Hannah pushes, but the snow and ice were too much for it. Check out the road. That was after a small snow/ ice storm and a two hour delay for school. More snow is coming Friday afternoon.
Dillon LOVES the sled. The bumpier the better.

Chloe with red eye on and no touch up.