Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas pictures.....

Santa has arrived :)
Another American girl baby to add to the collection. Her name is Elizabeth or Grace. I'm not sure.

More Sponge Bob.

Lots and lots of WebKinz.

Lots of Melissa and Doug durable, wooden toys. They might last a month or so.

Even more Sponge Bob.

Nice smile.

Yes, those are M&M's for breakfast:) He wanted McDonald's.

Yes, another Sponge Bob item. She can't get enough.

American Girl clothes.

Hooray a Nintendo game!!

Okay, I will confess I plan on reading that book. Only to see if Kate is as nasty in the book (to Jon) as on the show. Chloe does love that show.

More silly smiles.

Hannah with her spa. We used it today. What beautiful scents :)

Chloe with some new CD's

What could be in this box? I'm not sure if he realized that it was the same toy he had been playing with a couple of weeks ago. I was busy (probably working on this blog :) in the computer room. He opened the gate and came in. Eventually I looked to see what he was doing and he had this toy out playing with it. It was from Hannah, a bead maze, which he loves.

Dillon's new fire truck.

What a mess! Off to Meme and Papa's house for more presents.

Dillon and "Marvel the Mustang".

Papa opening his picture collage of the kids.

Hannah and Marvel.

McKenna's "cool" traffic light and another smile with his eyes closed.

Look for a "new" blog design coming soon. We bought some new photo software and Darr is going to try to redesign the blog again. Nikki, I'll email you if there is a tragedy!


Kim & Dave said...

What a fun morning for you!

Merry Christmas!

Leslie said...

Wow where are you putting all those toys? LOL

OH what fun and cute faces!!!


Terri said...

Lots of great pictures! Looks like you all had tins of fun!