Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dillon's behavior...

Today Dillon had to go get his second flu shot. Apparently when you get your first flu shot ever, you must get a second one. He got his shot like a champ. I've never seen him behave so good. He didn't even cry. The bandaid seemed to be a small concern, but he was so good. So unlike his "normal" behavior there. He isn't necessarily bad with shots, he just can't be still and gets into everything!
After that we went for a haircut. I wasn't going to get his haircut again until spring because it is a bit of a battle. Again, he just can't be still. As his hair grows, it just grows up and gets puffier and puffier. I don't think his hair would ever hang in his eyes. I wanted his haircut so he would look "good" for his appointment in court next Monday (name change). Well, were we surprised. That boy sat still for the entire haircut. I about dropped dead. I was feeding him nerds (candy) but not a lot, and it never worked before (with M&M's). We had told him he could have a candy cane AFTER his haircut, but again, AFTER doesn't register with Dillon. Only NOW does. Kerry the hairdresser thought he was good because of the time of day (before lunch, we usually go after his nap). Who knows, but wow. None of us could believe it. I think the "older" woman with curlers was even impressed. Darr got his haircut and the girls both got trims.
Later this week we are going to take the girls and meet up with some friends to see the movie "The Tale of Despereaux". Dillon will be staying with Meme as long as she is feeling okay. She has been battling bronchial pneumonia but is better.
Earlier this week we went to Build a Bear. Chloe made a penguin and picked out a stylish outfit for it. Hannah made a bunny named Butterscotch and picked a sweet tank top and pants for it. Dillon got a small moose. I thought he would like it because of his reindeer, but he doesn't seem to interested! After Build A Bear we went to Applebees for lunch with one of our giftcards from Grampie and Gramie-thanks for lunch. Then we headed home. I wish we had a Build A Bear closer. This one is a hour away!
Sorry no pictures. I'll try tomorrow.

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