Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lake St. Catherine......

One morning after swimming lessons we headed up to my friend, Heidi's- in-laws camp. What a beautiful location! We brought a picnic lunch and all 13 kids played in the water. Yes, 13 kids total! My friend Theresa, Heidi and I also had a good time.....mainly because all the kids were so good. They caught fish in nets right off the docks and played with tubes in the lake. Hannah and Chloe even caught a fish for Jenna, 3, who loved all the attention from the big girls. By the way the big girls LOVE giving attention to the little ones!

Chase, Emily, Jenna, Gavin and Dillon.....caught something!

Hannah, Jenna, Emily, Sarah, Chloe, Charity,Kayla and Clayton.

Emily, Sarah, Jenna, Hannah, Kayla, Clayton, Mikayah, Quinten and Theresa.
Chloe and Charity

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hebron Camp 2011

For four weeks this summer the kids all took swimming lessons at Hebron Camp, as they do every year. This was Dillon's first year of lessons. They all did great and enjoyed lessons.

 Steph....she's charge and was also Chloe's teacher this year.
 Steve, Hannah's teacher.

 Meg, Dillon's teacher.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Half Moon State Park....

Jaron, Kathan, Hannah, Chloe & Sawyer, Fyona, Dillon and Delaney

                                                              Our campsite
                                      Dillon getting water for his mud pies, etc.

A large, nasty bee hive. Darr was the only one that got stung. The hive was between our campsite and my parents. Eventually the camp rangers were able to remove it (after several stings).

                                                   Hannah at the playground.
                                          Chloe at the playground and Winston
                                                      (in the next picture).

                                                      Dillon's (buried) feet.

The Beach
We checked out the beach before everyone else got there and
discovered it is actually VERY nice! Super clean.


                               Hannah LOVES to fish. Darr took her a few times
                                          and Papa took her once as well.
                                 She caught several fish. Dillon's not so sure.....

                                              The "view" from our campsite.

                                                  More beach pictures.....
My parents, myself, Darr and Marcy took 6 out of 8 of our children to the beach. Sawyer and Jaron were taking naps so they stayed back at the campsite with Jarod and eventually Darr went to hang out with Jarod. I think my father had as much fun as the kids! The woman on the tube and the boy with her were great sports :) They were the only ones we didn't "scare" away.


                                      Meme and Papa were kind/brave enough to
                                                  have us all over for dinner.

                                                          Dillon and Jaron
                                                  Jaron, Sawyer and Hannah

                                      He actually didn't burn anyone or anything!
                                           Hannah and Chloe were able to
                                            burn several sparklers at once.
                                           He's concentrating very hard on
                                         following the rules!......and he did :)
                                             Meme and Fyona. She wasn't
                                              too sure about the sparklers.