Friday, November 28, 2008


Need I say anything....

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Oh, what a difference a few hours can make.....

Our blog looks awesome! Thanks so much Nikki :)


Ok, he has admitted defeat. It's all yours Nikki, if you choose to accept!

Nice uh????

All I can say is it's a WORK IN PROGRESS!!!!!!! Check back to see the progress or to see if Nikki has to "fix" it :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

You got lucky Mr. Rotten Security guard.....

Well, we went to the county court building and while waiting in the van we saw Mr. Rotten Security guard go into the building. We also saw some friends of ours there waiting to see the same lawyer, so they offered to give our paperwork to the lawyer for us. Really lucky Mr. Rotten Security guard as the kids had lots of energy from being in the car. Also Hannah has taught Dillon to sing "We Will Rock You" so he definitely would have been singing.
Watch for our blogs "face lift". Darr is very confident he can do it.
Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

More Thanksgiving shirts....

Here are the girls in their Thanksgiving shirts.


Beware security guy.....

Back last week Darr, Dillon and myself went to the County court building to get the forms to "readopt" Dillon. However here in NY state you don't have to readopt as of October, which we knew. NYS now "recognizes, or accepts" foreign adoptions, so NO readoption necessary. This will now make it easier to get a NYS birth certificate for Dillon and legally change his name. Otherwise we only have his ONE copy from Guatemala City. Apparently the security guard didn't know this, as he DEMANDED we go to Family court, which is NOT where we needed to go. He was a rotten, nasty man. So we went to family court only to be sent to county court. Well, with all of this moving around Dillon decided it would be more fun to hop and sing a catchy little tune. Mr. Rotten security guard didn't like this and tried to tell Dillon to be quiet. Yea, that was going to work. Let me mention the other security guard and a police investigator were snickering and found this to be somewhat amusing. Also, I don't believe court was in session, as their were people outside waiting. So after getting the run around we left. Apparently the law is so new nobody knows what to do. We gave up and are meeting with a great lawyer the county court building. Hope Dillon has a new song to sing. Mr. Rotten security guard doesn't know how bad it's going to be. Chloe and Hannah will be there as well :) Also our lawyer is meeting another family there. Oh, how Dillon loves other kids. I'd take pictures, but if Mr. Rotten security guard is there, I'm sure he would confiscate my camera.

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New Thanksgiving shirts.....

Meme has been busy making Thanksgiving shirts. Here is a preview of Dillon's shirt. Of course the reindeer had to be in the picture. I will post pictures of the girls in their shirts later.
Hannah's class has been very busy this week and last. Last Friday we went to Ndakinna Education Center to learn about Indians and survival. Yesterday we had the 1st grade Potlatch. Parents and teachers helped with different craft stations then they went to the cafeteria for a feast, storytelling and singing. The song they sang was so cute. I of course forgot the camera. Pictures would've been tough to get as we were pretty busy.
Today we have 2 appointments at the pediatricians office. Just no way they could be combined. This morning Dillon had his first flu shot. He will have to have a second dose December 30 because this is his first time ever having a flu shot-I think. This afternoon Chloe has to go for her 9 year check up and get a flu shot. Hannah will enjoy this because she already had hers. She gets hers early, as she is considered high risk because she has a history of febrile seizures. I have had mine, Darr is getting his soon so NO flu here I hope!

Webkinz lovers beware......

Last night Darr went into Dillon's bedroom to cover him up. He had been quiet for awhile, so we assumed he was asleep. Little did we know.... I knew it wasn't good when he called me into Dillon's room. Apparently Dillon had been busy taking his new dog webkinz apart. Notice he has NEVER harmed his beloved reindeer.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Please don't shoot me.....

Today on our way out the door to Sunday school and church Braedyn and Kole knocked Hannah down. Hannah knocked Chloe down. Well, I came out the door to see them on the ground crying and Chloe's knee scraped. So I screamed at the dogs to GO. Braedyn did exactly that. He saw deer across the road, so of course he chased them. (Hunting season started on Saturday). That won Braedyn a lovely orange shirt to wear. That's what happens when you chase deer. Anyone who is on our land or the farms, please don't shoot Braedyn. Look at him, do you really think he could catch a deer? Also most of you are TRESPASSING so lets not go there!!!!
Scroll down to see Chloe's birthday pictures...

Happy Birthday Chloe....

Pre-Party gifts.

The newest American Girl, itty bitty baby Isabella.

Sweet little books from Dolly.

Almost 9!

Madagascar 2 Nintendo DS game.

Cute American Girl sweater.

Make a wish!!
Blake and Kyndra
On Saturday we celebrated Chloe's 9th birthday. Her "real" birthday is the 18th. Our neighbors, Don and Karen, Meme, (Papa was at work), Uncle PJ, Aunt Alice, McKenna, Friends- Todd, Kyndra, Blake, Michael and Uncle Pete all came over for cake and ice cream. Gramie, Grampie and Dolly are in Florida and Holly and Ida went away for the weekend. Chloe helped make and decorate her cake and cupcakes. She received LOTS of great gifts. Thanks to all.

Happy Birthday Chloe!!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mr. November....

For those who can access the 2009 Guatadopt Calendar, Dillon is in November. For those who can't, this picture of Dillon is in the calendar. All proceeds will go to help children's homes in Guatemala who are struggling to survive in the wake of the adoption reforms.

To buy a calendar go to . Dean & Robin, Dolly and Paul & Judy, don't buy one (unless you need more then one:).

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree....

If you looked closely at the last pictures, you may be saying to yourself "Is that really a Christmas tree?" Well, it is. We have done what we thought we would never do. We bought an artificial Christmas tree. A few days after we got it, Darr and the kids just couldn't wait any longer. So our tree is up, but only has lights on it for now. The lights are LED and VERY BRIGHT. You can see the tree at night all the way down the road.We normally put our tree up around two weeks before Christmas so this is NOT normal for us. After Thanksgiving we will "officially" decorate it.

Thank you Gramie and Grampie...

Monday night Grampie came over for spaghetti dinner. Gramie is in Florida, soon to be joined by Grampie. So I thought that would be a good time for Chloe to open birthday presents from them. Chloe LOVES American Girl "stuff". The more clothes the better!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Chloe's Slumber/Birthday Party....

Friday after school Chloe had three friends (Charity, Carly and Jordin) over to celebrate her 9th birthday (a bit early). We normally have a bigger "kids" party, but this year was a sleep over, so three was MY maximum.
When they got home from school they had cake and ice cream, opened presents, painted pillowcases and played. Then we loaded up and headed to Subway for dinner, and to the movies to see Madagascar 2. The girls loved the movie, complete with popcorn of course. When we got home the girls went upstairs. EVENTUALLY they went to sleep. Unfortunately they were back up at 4:30 AM. Darr and I got up around 6:30 (not that I wasn't awake from 4:30 on :) and I made chocolate chip pancakes and bacon. How Dillon slept until 7, when we basically woke him up, I'll never know. Then the girls played until their parents came. They all had a good time. Around 1pm we ALL took a quick nap.
Dillon enjoyed the girls, the "ladies man" that he is. He stayed with Meme and Papa while we were at the movies. Dillon at the movies-wow that's a disturbing thought!! Some day. One of Chloe's friends name is Carly. Hannah loves the show iCarly and Dillon knows all of the characters. One of those being a girl named Sam. So he was looking for "Tam". Carly was here, where was "Tam"? Next Saturday is our family party for Chloe. I expect it to be a bit more quiet!!

Chloe, Jordin, Charity and Carly.