Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Hannah.....

On Friday for Hannah's birthday we took Hannah, Chloe, Mikayah and Ida to the movies to see UP. First we had cake, ice cream and opened presents. Then we ate at Subway and finally to the movie. It was such a good movie! The kids loved it. Friday and Saturday's birthday cakes and cupcakes.
Darr lighting the candles at the kids party.

Mikayah and Chloe having some cake and ice cream.

Dillon waking up in time for the party!

Time for presents!

Mikayah, Dillon, Hannah and Ida.

The girls after the movie!

On Saturday we had her family party. Originally I planned on it outside but it looked so gloomy out I changed plans and got everything ready inside. But then.....the sun came out and it turned out to be a beautiful afternoon. Party was moved outside! After the party Darr and I and the kids headed to TGIF for dinner. On our way home the kids got ice cream at Bob's. Late night for Chloe. Hannah and Dillon could probably stay up all night!

Hannah, 7 years old.
I Spy Wii game from Meme and Papa.

Dillon sitting still?????

Hannah and Dillon playing with the rocket.

Chloe "coaching" Dillon on the rocket.

Chloe demonstrating how to make the rocket fly.

Hannah playing frisbee with her new HUGE frisbee.

More rocket fun.

If you look closely you will see the rocket in the air. After some practice and hard jumping, Dillon finally got it flying pretty high!
The rocket is much higher in this picture.

Littlest Pet shop toy from Aunt Holly. Hannah LOVES the Littlest Pet Shop toys.

Hannah, Dillon and Aunt Holly.

Grampie bringing Gramie's scooter out back for her.

Hannah and Aunt Alice playing frisbee.

Uncle PJ and Dillon playing with the rocket Hannah got from Meme and Papa.

Gramie, Karen (our neighbor) and Alice.

Todd, Darr and Hannah.
Todd, Michael and Hannah.
Go Dillon!

Dillon and Michael....who played so well together (once it was made clear to Dillon that he WOULD be sharing :)

Kyndra, Blake and Hannah.
Dillon being pushed down the hill in his little car.
Kyndra pushing Dillon, Hannah and Blake playing.
Go Michael!
Blake jumping, Chloe hiding, Kyndra bouncing.

Hannah and Blake enjoying a baby slide :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day 2009.......

McKenna and her Little BFF.

McKenna was so proud. She was able to attract all the 4 year old boys to her sand "work".

Soon to be diver???

For Memorial Day we headed to Lake St. Catherine for a picnic. Meme and McKenna went as well. I knew the girls would love playing on the beach,and I was pretty sure Dillon would too. He actually LOVED it. I was surprised how far he went into the lake. He's going to love camping. Hopefully he sleeps better this year!