Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Chloe's future:

My future:

Chloe is going into 5th grade next year, which I can't believe (glad we kept her home that extra year). In our school, music lessons start in 5th grade. I'm so glad she is going to be in the band....really. I think that is an important part of life, learning to play a musical instrument.
Okay, I just really want to hear someone actually PLAY taps on a trumpet, not just push a button and PRETEND to play. SO the trumpet it is. We can't wait until......September!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dillon's 4th Birthday Party...

Our local grocery store made this cake. I just gave them a picture and the decorations and they did they rest.

As you can probably guess by now we had a fire truck theme going here.

He's ready to party!

Time for presents :)

He's just a bit exited. Thank you Holly, Travis and Ida for all the great trucks.

Even a card that looks like Kolby!

The party scene.

Time to blow out the candles and have some cake.
We actually had TWO cakes, as it was someone else's birthday as well. I won't say how old she was because NOBODY would believe me. She has a beautiful dog named Sofie and I must say a handsome boyfriend. Happy Birthday to you too D***a.

This is the first year he actually ate cake....and he REALLY enjoyed it!

Dillon and (great) Papa Kyer.

Thanks to everyone that came to Dillon's party. He received so many great new toys, from Buzz Lightyear to Batman to Makin' Mudpies Table to rescue trucks.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The first and the last....

day of school....

September 2009

June 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Dillon....

Wow! Another year has gone by. Before you know it he'll be torturing off to school spreading joy to his future teachers. Dillon is about 40 inches tall and on a good day 36 pounds. He is still a VERY fussy eater and loves fruit. Active is just one word that describes him. He loves to play with his friends and is ALL boy. Incredibly outgoing, he can't leave a store without making at least one new friend.
Happy Birthday Dillon!!!

This morning he got on the bus to show Bob (and all of the kids) his new fire fighter costume. What a kid!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

He's a trend setter...

                                           A "mankini" as Meme calls it.

Dillon decided that if Hannah can wear a bikini, he can too. Future yearbook picture ???

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Guess what....

                                 Dillon's wearing these hot, now summer days?

Check back later...

Monday, June 21, 2010

Hannah's Field Days 2010.....

Last Friday was Hannah's field days. Her events were a bit different from Chloe's events. Hannah's events were: picking up "gems" with your toes in a kiddie pool and placing them in a pail, throwing balls, while riding scooters, at other kids cones, toilet paper rolling, tug of war, etc. I do think everyones favorite was the water game, which was passing a water soaked sponge through the line to fill a bucket. They had a lot fun! Dillon was able to run and play with Brady, Hannah's friend Dorothy's little brother.

Tug of war with a little help from John, a little girls Dad.
Quinten, not overly thrilled but tired. Soon QT it will be your turn :)

In this event the kids had to get dressed in the gym teachers clothes then spin around the baseball bat, get undressed and run back.

The long awaited sponge/water event. The weather was perfect for this. I think it was about 80 degrees out and the sun was shining.
Hannah and her best friend Dorothy.
Mr. Fifield, the gym teacher, dumped the garbage cans full of water on the ground. Hannah and Nick were having a great time.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Dillon's Graduation....

Why yes, the boy did it....he completed his first year of preschool. One down, one to go. Kindergarten teachers should start planning for retirement.
These pictures are of his graduation from the 3 year old class to the four year old class. Today I accidentally threw the fear of God into someone at school by saying "I have to go to Dillon's preschool graduation in a bit". Their response was "WHAT, he starts school next year!!!!?????". Everyone has relaxed now that I cleared that up.
Now back to the pictures. Dillon did EXCELLENT at preschool today. I did think we were losing him a few times, but NOPE, he was right on track. I don't think it was too noticeable that he was singing about Santa and NOT what (some, very few) the other kids were singing :) Our neighbors Don and Karen got him a truck for graduation. Don told him he could only have it if he was good, so he has his new truck. Towards the end of the "show" a relative had got to go dance with the kids. Dillon was thrilled to have Meme dance and sing with him. Lots of grandparents were involved here....so cute.