Monday, June 21, 2010

Hannah's Field Days 2010.....

Last Friday was Hannah's field days. Her events were a bit different from Chloe's events. Hannah's events were: picking up "gems" with your toes in a kiddie pool and placing them in a pail, throwing balls, while riding scooters, at other kids cones, toilet paper rolling, tug of war, etc. I do think everyones favorite was the water game, which was passing a water soaked sponge through the line to fill a bucket. They had a lot fun! Dillon was able to run and play with Brady, Hannah's friend Dorothy's little brother.

Tug of war with a little help from John, a little girls Dad.
Quinten, not overly thrilled but tired. Soon QT it will be your turn :)

In this event the kids had to get dressed in the gym teachers clothes then spin around the baseball bat, get undressed and run back.

The long awaited sponge/water event. The weather was perfect for this. I think it was about 80 degrees out and the sun was shining.
Hannah and her best friend Dorothy.
Mr. Fifield, the gym teacher, dumped the garbage cans full of water on the ground. Hannah and Nick were having a great time.

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