Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hanks family...

Last Wednesday the Hanks family got together for dinner. Next Monday Dolly heads back to Florida. We had an early celebration for Dolly's birthday because she won't be here for her birthday.
Back row: Dean (Darr's father), Holly (Darr's sister), Robin (Darr's mother) and Darr.
Front row: Chloe, Dolly, Ida, Hannah and me with Dillon

Four generations
Great grandmother Dolly with all of her great-grandchildren.

We thank Uncle Pete for the great pictures!

Friday, July 25, 2008


Hannah and Ida and the "Golden Garbage Can".
Dillon and Gabe
Chloe and Charity

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Magic Forest

One of the many pictures. Dillon is still because he was afraid he was going to fall.
Hannah with the fake sheep. Dillon kissing the fake sheep.
Dillon sitting in front of a water display. He proceed to take it apart which resulted in "stroller time".
Dillon loved, loved, loved looking through these things.Chloe and Hannah on the roller coaster.

Dillon feeding the goats, which he really loved.
Hannah feeding the goats.
Dillon feeding the sheep.
Chloe, Hannah and Dillon . As you can see he was ready to "bolt". And did.

Dillon, Darr and Chloe boarding the ferris wheel.
Dillon absolutely HATED this. He couldn't get off of it fast enough.
Hannah and Meme on the ferris wheel.
Chloe, Hannah and Dillon. I have many, many, many pictures of Hannah posing with all of the "sights" there.

On Tuesday we went to the Magic Forest Amusement Park. Meme also went along. It is a small park designed for kids under 10. They have rides and a magic show. The girls have been there at least two other times but continue to beg to go every year. I was pretty sure Dillon wouldn't be overly thrilled there, but we made the best of it. Occasionally we would let him out of the stroller but when we (Chloe) was sick of chasing him he had to go back in the stroller. It was a long 4 hours for Dillon (which some he really did enjoy) but the girls loved it! I think he is going to enjoy camping (the first week in August) once he understands his boundaries. I know he won't hesitate to go in other occupied campsites!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The pictures...

Beautiful baptism cake.
"I can see my beautiful Nenna (McKenna)."

"Okay-I'm outta here!" Notice Hannah's clinched fists. A sign of sheer excitement.
Brush, Brush.
"Oh good. I need to rinse off my toothbrush and wash my feet".
"What are you doing?" "Oh wait, this might be fun."
Newly baptized Dillon.

The Baptism

For those wondering, Dillon's baptism went very well. I got this brilliant idea Saturday night to let him brush his teeth during the baptism. He loves to brush his teeth, but I always do it. With just a few exceptions. So it was a huge treat to him to get to do it himself. He was even able to rinse it in the font with holy water. Not only did he get his toothbrush rinsed, but his bare feet as well. Who needs shoes to be baptized anyways??? We also brought his reindeer (yes, the really stinky one) that Dillon basically baptized himself. Our minister did an excellent job. (Hooray, Pastor Donna). Then after the baptism the congregation had a beautiful cake and homecoming/baptism reception. I have pictures coming. Obviously I wasn't able to take any myself. I will post them once I have them. I did take this one picture before church (not the greatest, but it will give you an idea of how our morning was).

"What are we waiting for??? Lets get the show on the road!!" He was ready to go. And go and go and go :)

As a side note, he did go to church with shoes on. They just didn't make it to the baptism.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Just some pictures.....

Dillon and Hannah playing with bubbles. Chloe was at lunch 'n learn and I'm not sure why Hannah wanted to stay home. I think she regrets it though. They had a presentation of bugs. She would have loved it!

Haircut for the baptism!!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The 4th of July...

Off to the parade!

Don't think I'm enjoying this parade!!!!!
The girls having a snack waiting for the parade to start.
The party scene.

Hannah, Isaac and Chloe playing with chalk. Watching for the John Deere gator to come racing around the driveway.

Hannah, Mikayah and Dillon.
The "gator". The kids were pushing this around the driveway sooooo fast. Then they would stop and the gator would spin. Needless to say this "fun" had to be stopped or I think someone would have ended up in the ER.
Chloe, Charity and Gabriel enjoying a cake won at the carnival.

The girls had their closing program at the Methodist Church Thursday evening. All the kids sang and signed the songs they had learned during the week. It was so cute and they all did an awesome job. After they sang we all enjoyed a great dinner made by the same hardworking women who made lunch all week for the kids. (Again, most of the pictures I took have many kids in them, so I won't post them).
Yesterday for the 4th we went to the annual parade which consisted of lots of fire trucks and bands. There were also some great floats. I can honestly say Dillon HATED most of the parade. He just can't stand to be still. I did get a few good pictures of him in the beginning, before he decided to scream and cry. He liked the bands and did dance, but things went down hill. After the parade we went to Gramie and Grampie's house (Dean and Robins-Darr's parents) and had a BBQ. Dillon was MUCH happier there. The kids had so much fun. We were able to work a bit with Dillon on sharing. Then the fireworks started around 10pm and kids enjoyed those. Dillon was mesmerized by them. He sat sooo still. Our pastor was there and suggested that we have fireworks for his baptism!!! (She knows how well he sits-not!). The fact that it was 2+ hours past his bedtime may have contributed to his stillness. Overall a great day.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A boy and his truck.....

Dillon loves his new dump truck. I don't know why he pushes it backwards though. It must be easier for him.
He went to the pediatrician today. He has lost a half pound. I think it is from when he was sick a few weeks ago. The dr. was a bit stumped about his picky eating habits and wants early intervention to "test" him. She found absolutely no delays and even his speech is within the "normal" limits. She thought if his speech improved, maybe we could figure out his eating issue. He was given a clean bill of health, a very active little boy. I asked for him to be tested for TB, so Thursday they will recheck that. Tomorrow it is off for another haircut-have to look good for the 4th and his baptism!