Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Baptism

For those wondering, Dillon's baptism went very well. I got this brilliant idea Saturday night to let him brush his teeth during the baptism. He loves to brush his teeth, but I always do it. With just a few exceptions. So it was a huge treat to him to get to do it himself. He was even able to rinse it in the font with holy water. Not only did he get his toothbrush rinsed, but his bare feet as well. Who needs shoes to be baptized anyways??? We also brought his reindeer (yes, the really stinky one) that Dillon basically baptized himself. Our minister did an excellent job. (Hooray, Pastor Donna). Then after the baptism the congregation had a beautiful cake and homecoming/baptism reception. I have pictures coming. Obviously I wasn't able to take any myself. I will post them once I have them. I did take this one picture before church (not the greatest, but it will give you an idea of how our morning was).

"What are we waiting for??? Lets get the show on the road!!" He was ready to go. And go and go and go :)

As a side note, he did go to church with shoes on. They just didn't make it to the baptism.

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ale said...

Hi, I am a long time lurker. I love your blog and your stories. Your kids are beautiful.

I HAD to post because I looked first at the baptism pictures and THEN read about it. I was puzzled by the toothbrush :)) I was wondering, "what congregation includes brushing teeth as part of the rite of baptism?" Then I read the post. Too cute! what a creative mom. Hey, it isn't every day that we get to brush our teeth with holy water AND baptize our toys.