Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Magic Forest

One of the many pictures. Dillon is still because he was afraid he was going to fall.
Hannah with the fake sheep. Dillon kissing the fake sheep.
Dillon sitting in front of a water display. He proceed to take it apart which resulted in "stroller time".
Dillon loved, loved, loved looking through these things.Chloe and Hannah on the roller coaster.

Dillon feeding the goats, which he really loved.
Hannah feeding the goats.
Dillon feeding the sheep.
Chloe, Hannah and Dillon . As you can see he was ready to "bolt". And did.

Dillon, Darr and Chloe boarding the ferris wheel.
Dillon absolutely HATED this. He couldn't get off of it fast enough.
Hannah and Meme on the ferris wheel.
Chloe, Hannah and Dillon. I have many, many, many pictures of Hannah posing with all of the "sights" there.

On Tuesday we went to the Magic Forest Amusement Park. Meme also went along. It is a small park designed for kids under 10. They have rides and a magic show. The girls have been there at least two other times but continue to beg to go every year. I was pretty sure Dillon wouldn't be overly thrilled there, but we made the best of it. Occasionally we would let him out of the stroller but when we (Chloe) was sick of chasing him he had to go back in the stroller. It was a long 4 hours for Dillon (which some he really did enjoy) but the girls loved it! I think he is going to enjoy camping (the first week in August) once he understands his boundaries. I know he won't hesitate to go in other occupied campsites!

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