Friday, November 30, 2007

Newest Problem-THE UNITED STATES!!!!!!

Today we received an email from the US embassy in Guatemala. Not good. They issued us what is called an I-72. This form tells us that the embassy is "missing" or "not happy" with some document(s). Ours happens to be the PGN Ruling. Well the reason it is not there is because it doesn't exist in our case. Duh. Our case was ruled by a judge, not PGN. PGN had a chance to appeal and didn't. Case closed. The documentation to show this should be there. Either way the lawyers are resubmitting the paperwork on Monday. This should not be foreign to the embassy. Our case is not the first to be handled this way. Today Darr and I went and spoke to someone in Kirsten Gillibrand's office (Congresswoman). She seemed very eager to help and we really don't expect this to be a big deal. The DNA was not taken until today, if it actually happened. So this "issue" with the US government won't hold things up unless it is not resolved by the time the DNA gets back to Guatemala, which should be around Dec. 12. If they actually did it today. How much more can they throw at us? We never saw this coming, our own government hassling us.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Things are still moving....

We were informed today that we have "ORANGE". This is authorization from the US embassy to have Dillon's second DNA test done. They are going to do it tomorrow. Then it comes to the US, gets tested, then back to Guatemala. Once it gets back to Guatemala we will wait for our pink slip, which will have our appointment date. We will pick Dillon up the day before our appointment. The "average" wait from now until our appointment is 3 weeks. So we still don't know about Christmas. Either way will be fine. Dillon just may have to celebrate Christmas a few days late. Keep your fingers crossed!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Updated timeline

Here is an updated timeline. Again it may make no sense to those not going through the process, however many adopting families read adoption blogs and like to see timelines.

4/25/06-signed with Adoptions from the Heart
5/2/06-I-600A filed
5/23/06-Federal Fingerprints
6/30/06-Homestudy hand delivered to Albany INS
7/12/06-I-171 issued
7/14/06-Dossier sent to Guat. Consulate NYC via courier
7/17/06-referral received
7/18/06-referral accepted after review by Dr. Aronson
7/19/06-dossier received back after authentication
7/28/06-POA signed and dossier hand delivered to lawyer
7/27-7/29/06-trip to sign POA in Guatemala
8/9/06-Hired Adoption Supervisors
8/?/06-attorney lost I 171-H
9/10/06-new I 171-H to attorney, delay in translation of documents
9/19/06-POA registered
9/27/06-Enter Family Court
10/10/06-Social Worker interview canceled, bio mom can't make it
11/7/06-Social Worker interview and DNA completed
11/13/06-DNA 99.9% match
11/19-25/06-1st visit trip
11/24/06-out of Family Court
12/8/06-Preapproval issued by US Embassy
1/9/07-Enter PGN
1/30/07-Assigned reviewer
2/1/07-6 previos (mistakes) so they claim, reviewer fired, bio mom needs to be re interviewed
3/20/07-bio mom interview-can't make it
3/28/07-bio mom interview-can't make it
4/20/07-bio mom interview-can't make it
5/7/07-bio mom interview completed
5/25/07-back to PGN (2nd time submitted)
6/6/07-kicked out of PGN
6/22/07-back to PGN (3rd time submitted)
7/6/07-kicked out of PGN
7/18-24/07-second visit trip
7/24?/07-lawyers have had enough of PGN, enter Judicial Review
9/7/07-Judge reinterviews bio mom
9/19?/07-Judge rules in our favor, PGN has 3 days to appeal
9/19/07-Informed we are now going to the appeals court
10/9/07-Informed PGN missed the 3 day appeal opportunity, adoption is completed!
10/25?/07-Birth mom gives final signature
10/26/07-Documents to civil registry
11/19/07-Guatemala City birth certificate issued
11/22/07-Passport issued
11/26/07-Translation of documents completed
11/28/07-Second DNA authorization
11/30/07-DNA sample taken
12/10/07-DNA results
12/11/07-DNA results at the US embassy in Guatemala
??/??/07-Embassy appointment
??/??/07-Pick up Visa

Monday, November 26, 2007

Waiting for ORANGE

Today we found out that Dillon's passport is done and the next step was translation, which is also all done. Now we are waiting for ORANGE. This is authorization from the US embassy (in Guatemala) to do the final DNA test on Dillon. I'm guessing the slip is orange? Once the DNA test results are back in Guatemala, then we wait for PINK. The pink slip tells when our appointment at the US embassy in Guatemala is. We will get Dillon the day before our appointment and come home 2 days after the appointment-hopefully before Christmas.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Last Thanksgiving

Last Thanksgiving we (Darr,myself and Chloe) went to Guatemala to meet Dillon for the first time. It was also our (me and Chloe) first (and hopefully last) round of food poisoning.
The adoption supervisors told us today that the lawyers were getting Dillon's passport today-one step closer!! Still very uncertain about Christmas in the US for Dillon.

Hannah lost a tooth!

Hannah lost her bottom tooth last night while eating an apple. It had been loose for about one month. It was such a surprise because Chloe was pushing seven before she lost any teeth. Now she is up to eight gone. Proud day for Hannah. Happy Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Finally, the birth certificate

Well, we were told the birth certificate was ready on Monday the 19th. Unfortunately the chances of Dillon being home before Christmas are lessening. I should have known what takes most lawyers 6 weeks to do, would take ours at least 12 weeks. At this point I don't care if they read this, as we have been told to be careful what we post. So we will continue to wait and see if Dillon makes it home by Christmas. On a good note, Dillon finally had his hearing test and according to the agency he is fine. Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Still waiting......

Well, no birth certificate as of today, Wednesday. The lawyers are expecting it this week. I am beginning to wonder if Dillon will be missing another Christmas.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Guatemala City Birth Certificate

Just a quick update to let you know the lawyers are expecting Dillon's new birth certificate early next week. This certificate will list Darr and I as his parents. His last name will be Hanks but I believe his first and middle name will be his given name, Kenneth Aron. Once he is home we will change his name to Dillon Dean. After the birth certificate is issued they will get him a passport, usually within a day or two. Then the documents go to translation for roughly a week, then the second DNA test (just Dillon,not the birth mom) then the "pink" slip which is our appointment to pick him up. So after the birth certificate is issued we are looking at about a month till pick up-I hope. We really hope to be home with him before Christmas!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Developmental Report

I received a "developmental report" on Dillon this past Monday. I don't become too overly excited by these reports because I have witnessed different "findings" then these reports led me to believe. I don't believe that they are trying to mislead us, but rather they see things a bit differently then we do. So, here it is:

DOB. 24/06/2006
Age: 1 year 4 months
Weight: 20.14 lbs. Size 75 CC 46
Milk: Enfamil Nutramigen
Bottles 8 bottles 7 onzas per day.
Sleep: from 7:00 p.m. - 6:30 does not wake up
Nap: One time a day from 12:00 - 2:00 p.m.
Bath: Every day but time depends on weather.
Teeth: 4 top y 4 bottom
Meals: Everything chicken, pasta, rice fruits and vegetables.
He walks but still loves to crawl
He has a temper and very active. He has short temper and when doesn’t get his way he throws a fit .
He is not shy at all
He recognizes his foster family from strangers
Loves to watch TV
He likes to play with his ball and toys
He says mama and papa; si there and other baby talk
He feeds himself with his hand.
He is able to drink from a cup with help
He loves cookies
His development is normal
He rarely gets very sick but in recently because of the weather he developed a cold that lasted long and he was even running a fever. He was given antibiotic and seems to be doing much better.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

New pictures

We received new pictures of Dillon today. I think they were taken recently. Maybe they told him he is coming home soon, so he is giving the thumbs up! Today most things in Guatemala are closed for All Saints Day and this weekend are elections, so basically no updates until Tuesday.