Friday, November 30, 2007

Newest Problem-THE UNITED STATES!!!!!!

Today we received an email from the US embassy in Guatemala. Not good. They issued us what is called an I-72. This form tells us that the embassy is "missing" or "not happy" with some document(s). Ours happens to be the PGN Ruling. Well the reason it is not there is because it doesn't exist in our case. Duh. Our case was ruled by a judge, not PGN. PGN had a chance to appeal and didn't. Case closed. The documentation to show this should be there. Either way the lawyers are resubmitting the paperwork on Monday. This should not be foreign to the embassy. Our case is not the first to be handled this way. Today Darr and I went and spoke to someone in Kirsten Gillibrand's office (Congresswoman). She seemed very eager to help and we really don't expect this to be a big deal. The DNA was not taken until today, if it actually happened. So this "issue" with the US government won't hold things up unless it is not resolved by the time the DNA gets back to Guatemala, which should be around Dec. 12. If they actually did it today. How much more can they throw at us? We never saw this coming, our own government hassling us.

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