Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Things are still moving....

We were informed today that we have "ORANGE". This is authorization from the US embassy to have Dillon's second DNA test done. They are going to do it tomorrow. Then it comes to the US, gets tested, then back to Guatemala. Once it gets back to Guatemala we will wait for our pink slip, which will have our appointment date. We will pick Dillon up the day before our appointment. The "average" wait from now until our appointment is 3 weeks. So we still don't know about Christmas. Either way will be fine. Dillon just may have to celebrate Christmas a few days late. Keep your fingers crossed!

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Laurie Fron said...

Hi Kara and Dar,
The song that plays at your blog brought tears to my eyes - I hope that Dillon is home in time for Christmas. Let your Mom know that we can help out while you guys go to pick him up. Laurie