Saturday, November 10, 2007

Guatemala City Birth Certificate

Just a quick update to let you know the lawyers are expecting Dillon's new birth certificate early next week. This certificate will list Darr and I as his parents. His last name will be Hanks but I believe his first and middle name will be his given name, Kenneth Aron. Once he is home we will change his name to Dillon Dean. After the birth certificate is issued they will get him a passport, usually within a day or two. Then the documents go to translation for roughly a week, then the second DNA test (just Dillon,not the birth mom) then the "pink" slip which is our appointment to pick him up. So after the birth certificate is issued we are looking at about a month till pick up-I hope. We really hope to be home with him before Christmas!!!

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Marcy said...

He's gorgeous! We are so excited for you! Marcy
Oh, I found your blog through one of Todds foolish emails :)