Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dillon has a cold

I found out today that the hearing specialist didn't do the hearing test last week due to Dillon having a cold. He is going back to the specialist this week so they can hopefully complete the test. The doctor said his eardrum was "blocked" due to the cold. No new information about the court of appeals, other than it takes time.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The verdict is.....

Yesterday I found out we were put into the court of appeals. That meant either the judge ruled against us and our lawyers were appealing the decision or the judge ruled in our favor and PGN is appealing. Today we were notified that the judge ruled in our favor. IF PGN had kept "out" of it, Dillon would be home in 8 weeks, but NO PGN is appealing all cases approved by a judge. We are not the only ones in this situation. I have no idea how long an appeal takes but as I have been told, nothing moves quick in Guatemala.
Yesterday I also found out why we hadn't gotten Dillon's medical report. His doctor felt he was more "quiet" then normal and is concerned about his speech. So today Dillon is off to a hearing specialist and I will get the report after his pediatrician sees it and can explain the results to us. He wanted to rule out any hearing problems. I am pleased with the route the doctor is taking with this as I have done this with our girls. Chloe had (still has) articulation problems and Hannah was speech delayed. Both have had hearing tests, hear fine and their speech is fine. Hopefully Dillon will be the same. I will post any new information I get.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

No news is good news?

As of today, September 18, no news. Our Adoption Supervisors have checked with our lawyers and they have nothing. I am not sure where the medical report is either. So as usual we will wait.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Good news with some questions

We found out yesterday (Tuesday, Sept. 11) that the birth mother was actually interviewed the end of last week, that being the good news. From what we understand, everything went well. Now we just got another email regarding PGN. The plan will be if the judge has not ruled on our case, we will have to go back to PGN. However if the judge has ruled it will continue through the judicial process. We honestly don't know if the judge has ruled,but the way our luck has been going, I bet he hasn't. It is still taking about 9 weeks to get through PGN (with no previos-mistakes) and then about 6-8 weeks to "finalize" the adoption. We are trying to find out if the judge has ruled, but it is tough for the agency and the adoption supervisors to get any info. We know that they are all doing their best to get this info, but we will have to wait. We still haven't gotten the medical report, but that should be soon. We will keep you all updated.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Possibly bad news

I just received an email from the adoption agency stating that the interview with the bio mom didn't happen. From what I can tell it had nothing to do with her. Basically PGN wants all cases to go through them and not have judges rule on them. We may possibly be heading back to PGN. Maybe we should plan on him being home by the time kindergarten rolls around.

To all of those who thought I would be going to school with Hannah

Today Hannah went off to kindergarten as happy as could be. How happy she will be when she returns is yet to be determined, but I don't forsee any major problems. I want to say to all the moms out there, your "gut" feeling on how to handle a situation is so much more accurate than what someone else has to say. For those who don't know, my mother or I stayed the whole year at preschool with Hannah. It is an excellent preschool, those who have sent their children to Becky's know exactly what I'm talking about. However I just knew that she wasn't ready/able to be "on her own" yet. Part of what tipped me off to this was the begging to "not leave me" and "you're staying right?" I had alot of people say "why don't you just leave her?" or my favorite "leave when she's not looking". Now there's a way to gain your childs trust. Anyway, I knew Hannah would be just fine, and she is.
Chloe of course went off as happy. She misses school, is sick of Hannah and is completely bored so needless to say she was ready.
As for poor Dillon, he is facing a hurricane right now. I checked with the Adoption Supervisors, who are in Guatemala, and they are not worried and said all they are expecting in the city is rain. I trust them and expect all will be fine. As far as the adoption goes nobody has any info. So we will continue to wait.
Darr too went off to school today. He has gone back to college to become an RN.
As for me I guess I will clean the house. They will all be back soon!!!