Thursday, September 20, 2007

The verdict is.....

Yesterday I found out we were put into the court of appeals. That meant either the judge ruled against us and our lawyers were appealing the decision or the judge ruled in our favor and PGN is appealing. Today we were notified that the judge ruled in our favor. IF PGN had kept "out" of it, Dillon would be home in 8 weeks, but NO PGN is appealing all cases approved by a judge. We are not the only ones in this situation. I have no idea how long an appeal takes but as I have been told, nothing moves quick in Guatemala.
Yesterday I also found out why we hadn't gotten Dillon's medical report. His doctor felt he was more "quiet" then normal and is concerned about his speech. So today Dillon is off to a hearing specialist and I will get the report after his pediatrician sees it and can explain the results to us. He wanted to rule out any hearing problems. I am pleased with the route the doctor is taking with this as I have done this with our girls. Chloe had (still has) articulation problems and Hannah was speech delayed. Both have had hearing tests, hear fine and their speech is fine. Hopefully Dillon will be the same. I will post any new information I get.

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Lee Anne and John said...

This is beyond stupid!!! Kara I am SO sorry! I do know of another family going through this "appeal" process. As always you are in our prayers!
Lee Anne