Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Good news with some questions

We found out yesterday (Tuesday, Sept. 11) that the birth mother was actually interviewed the end of last week, that being the good news. From what we understand, everything went well. Now we just got another email regarding PGN. The plan will be if the judge has not ruled on our case, we will have to go back to PGN. However if the judge has ruled it will continue through the judicial process. We honestly don't know if the judge has ruled,but the way our luck has been going, I bet he hasn't. It is still taking about 9 weeks to get through PGN (with no previos-mistakes) and then about 6-8 weeks to "finalize" the adoption. We are trying to find out if the judge has ruled, but it is tough for the agency and the adoption supervisors to get any info. We know that they are all doing their best to get this info, but we will have to wait. We still haven't gotten the medical report, but that should be soon. We will keep you all updated.

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