Wednesday, September 5, 2007

To all of those who thought I would be going to school with Hannah

Today Hannah went off to kindergarten as happy as could be. How happy she will be when she returns is yet to be determined, but I don't forsee any major problems. I want to say to all the moms out there, your "gut" feeling on how to handle a situation is so much more accurate than what someone else has to say. For those who don't know, my mother or I stayed the whole year at preschool with Hannah. It is an excellent preschool, those who have sent their children to Becky's know exactly what I'm talking about. However I just knew that she wasn't ready/able to be "on her own" yet. Part of what tipped me off to this was the begging to "not leave me" and "you're staying right?" I had alot of people say "why don't you just leave her?" or my favorite "leave when she's not looking". Now there's a way to gain your childs trust. Anyway, I knew Hannah would be just fine, and she is.
Chloe of course went off as happy. She misses school, is sick of Hannah and is completely bored so needless to say she was ready.
As for poor Dillon, he is facing a hurricane right now. I checked with the Adoption Supervisors, who are in Guatemala, and they are not worried and said all they are expecting in the city is rain. I trust them and expect all will be fine. As far as the adoption goes nobody has any info. So we will continue to wait.
Darr too went off to school today. He has gone back to college to become an RN.
As for me I guess I will clean the house. They will all be back soon!!!

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Lee Anne and John said...

What a good mom :) Enjoy the peace and quiet while you are alone!
Lee Anne