Saturday, March 29, 2008

Meme and her grandchildren

Here is a picture of my mother, Meme on her birthday, with Mattison 3, Reagan 16 months, Chloe 8, Dillon 20 months, Hannah 5, and McKenna 11. She so loves this picture.

Easter and Dillon is driving...

Well, almost a week late on Easter but all went well. The girls enjoyed searching for Easter eggs and of course eating candy. We went to church where Dillon had a good time. He likes to dance to all of the hymns.
When Dillon first came he was afraid of this "car". Now you can't get him out of it. I'm not sure why he wears a bucket when "driving". Perhaps he feels he needs a helmet, which I think he might.

Another "fear shot"

Friday, March 21, 2008

Is that fear in Dillon's eyes???

Well it should be. Hannah really tries to play and make Dillon happy, she just isn't always successful. It makes her especially mad when seeing how successful Chloe is at it. She is only 5 and will someday figure it out. Until then Dillon should run!

Our sleeping boy

The girls are off to see "Horton Hears a Who" today with Meme and Dillon is off to bed. He's not movie material just yet. He has always slept with his blanket wrapped around his head. Usually it is covering his face. Yesterday they colored eggs and had a great time doing it. Most of the dye is off their fingers. Dillon just watched and ate lunch. I can only imagine what he would've done with egg dye! Dillon and Darr are getting over their colds. They were pretty mild ones.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hannah found the gold...

Saturday we took the kids to an Easter egg hunt at the Catholic Church. There were so many plastic eggs filled with various trinkets and candy. Dillon walked on pavement but no grass or snow. He found one egg which he was too busy to bother with. One egg out of the hundreds had "gold" in it and wouldn't you know Hannah found it. She was so happy because she won a large inflatable bunny. Thank you to the Catholic Church.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Great vacation in Florida

First morning in Florida Zoo

Proud great-grandmother
Sunset on the beach (Dillon is standing on Darr's feet)

We have returned home from our vacation in Florida. The flights were difficult with Dillon, but could have been so much worse. I have found if you let him dump food on the floor, on your feet, then let him down there, he will stay quite busy. Doing what? Who knows, who cares-he's quiet and happy. Hannah really enjoyed the flights. Well, the first 8 minutes. I don't think she remembered flying in 2005 to Disney. Chloe did well. I think. I apparently drew the shortest straw because I had Hannah and Dillon with me.
Once we got to Florida the vacation was great. Dillon was introduced to Darr's parents and grandmother whom we spent a lot of time with. We went to the zoo,non-heated pool, heated pool, hot tub and the beach. He of course was fine and continues to be a happy, easy going kid. However we discovered that Dillon's precious feet don't touch sand or grass!!! We will have to work on that this summer. I never would have guessed he'd be afraid. His feet have probably never touched the ground. Darr and I even got to go out to dinner one night without the kids. They all were very eager to have Gramie and Grampie babysit them.
Overall a great trip.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

No new camera

Okay, no new camera. We went to Ray's Supply today (a store that sells cameras, video equipment, etc.). I told the sales associate that I needed to buy a new camera because I hate the one that I have. So I told her why I hate the camera and why I like it. I even brought the camera. Within minutes she was able to tell me why I hated the camera and proceeded to "fix" the settings that were making me hate the camera. That woman probably saved me a few hundred dollars and informed me that it is actually a good camera. A new one wouldn't be much faster. I knew going to a "private"owned store would prove to be better than Wal-Mart or even Best Buy, I just didn't know how much better. When this camera does need to be replaced I will buy a new one at Ray's Supply.
So now here is a picture I just took of Dillon. With the old settings you would just have a picture of the chair. Instead now you can see Dillon getting ready for the beach.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Dillon's first check up

Dillon's dr. appointment went very well. He is in the 54% in height (33.25 inches) and 9% in weight (23 pounds 5 or 6 ounces). Dillon has always had two small scar-like marks on his neck. The dr.'s have no idea what it is but don't feel it is anything to be concerned about. I asked the lawyers and his foster mother and they told me he was born with it. He was born by c-section so perhaps something happened then. Maybe it is better we don't know! The dr. also heard a heart murmur but said they are very common and it is of no concern. They said they would be surprised if they ever heard it again. They also commented on how active and busy he is. As for the fruit diet, we just need to keep trying different foods. The only nutrient he is missing is protein and he will get that from milk. No more formula necessary. We are very pleased with that (his formula was $26 a can, regular formula is about $9). The dr. also suggested that we let him get hungry and then offer anything but fruit. We'll see how that goes. The appointment with Dillon was so different then it was with the girls. Chloe would have just sat on my lap, Hannah would have sat on my lap and cried and Dillon spent the whole appointment moving. The differences are great.
I am getting a new camera tomorrow. I hate the "old" one. It takes forever for it to take a picture and Dillon's eyes are red, not like "red eye", but his whole eye is red. I think it is only 2 years old. Maybe that is old for a camera?? So hopefully before we leave for Florida I can post some new pictures.

Monday, March 3, 2008

All is well

Just a quick post to let you all know that everyone is now healthy. We are going to Florida so Darr's parents and grandmother can meet Dillon. Everyone is very excited about going. We have been busy delivering Girl Scout cookies, being sick and getting ready to go.
Dillon goes for a check up tomorrow. Last week he was measured and was 33 inches-44% and 23lbs 5oz-9%. His measurements from Guatemala always had him in the 3-5%. I believe he was just measured wrong in Guatemala. I can stop worrying about how little he was (even though he could use some "weight"). We will discuss his "fruit diet" with the dr. For those who don't know, all he will eat are snack crackers, cheerios, sometimes yogurt and tons of fruit. That's it.