Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Dillon's first check up

Dillon's dr. appointment went very well. He is in the 54% in height (33.25 inches) and 9% in weight (23 pounds 5 or 6 ounces). Dillon has always had two small scar-like marks on his neck. The dr.'s have no idea what it is but don't feel it is anything to be concerned about. I asked the lawyers and his foster mother and they told me he was born with it. He was born by c-section so perhaps something happened then. Maybe it is better we don't know! The dr. also heard a heart murmur but said they are very common and it is of no concern. They said they would be surprised if they ever heard it again. They also commented on how active and busy he is. As for the fruit diet, we just need to keep trying different foods. The only nutrient he is missing is protein and he will get that from milk. No more formula necessary. We are very pleased with that (his formula was $26 a can, regular formula is about $9). The dr. also suggested that we let him get hungry and then offer anything but fruit. We'll see how that goes. The appointment with Dillon was so different then it was with the girls. Chloe would have just sat on my lap, Hannah would have sat on my lap and cried and Dillon spent the whole appointment moving. The differences are great.
I am getting a new camera tomorrow. I hate the "old" one. It takes forever for it to take a picture and Dillon's eyes are red, not like "red eye", but his whole eye is red. I think it is only 2 years old. Maybe that is old for a camera?? So hopefully before we leave for Florida I can post some new pictures.

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