Thursday, March 6, 2008

No new camera

Okay, no new camera. We went to Ray's Supply today (a store that sells cameras, video equipment, etc.). I told the sales associate that I needed to buy a new camera because I hate the one that I have. So I told her why I hate the camera and why I like it. I even brought the camera. Within minutes she was able to tell me why I hated the camera and proceeded to "fix" the settings that were making me hate the camera. That woman probably saved me a few hundred dollars and informed me that it is actually a good camera. A new one wouldn't be much faster. I knew going to a "private"owned store would prove to be better than Wal-Mart or even Best Buy, I just didn't know how much better. When this camera does need to be replaced I will buy a new one at Ray's Supply.
So now here is a picture I just took of Dillon. With the old settings you would just have a picture of the chair. Instead now you can see Dillon getting ready for the beach.

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