Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Updated timeline

Here is an updated timeline. Again it may make no sense to those not going through the process, however many adopting families read adoption blogs and like to see timelines.

4/25/06-signed with Adoptions from the Heart
5/2/06-I-600A filed
5/23/06-Federal Fingerprints
6/30/06-Homestudy hand delivered to Albany INS
7/12/06-I-171 issued
7/14/06-Dossier sent to Guat. Consulate NYC via courier
7/17/06-referral received
7/18/06-referral accepted after review by Dr. Aronson
7/19/06-dossier received back after authentication
7/28/06-POA signed and dossier hand delivered to lawyer
7/27-7/29/06-trip to sign POA in Guatemala
8/9/06-Hired Adoption Supervisors
8/?/06-attorney lost I 171-H
9/10/06-new I 171-H to attorney, delay in translation of documents
9/19/06-POA registered
9/27/06-Enter Family Court
10/10/06-Social Worker interview canceled, bio mom can't make it
11/7/06-Social Worker interview and DNA completed
11/13/06-DNA 99.9% match
11/19-25/06-1st visit trip
11/24/06-out of Family Court
12/8/06-Preapproval issued by US Embassy
1/9/07-Enter PGN
1/30/07-Assigned reviewer
2/1/07-6 previos (mistakes) so they claim, reviewer fired, bio mom needs to be re interviewed
3/20/07-bio mom interview-can't make it
3/28/07-bio mom interview-can't make it
4/20/07-bio mom interview-can't make it
5/7/07-bio mom interview completed
5/25/07-back to PGN (2nd time submitted)
6/6/07-kicked out of PGN
6/22/07-back to PGN (3rd time submitted)
7/6/07-kicked out of PGN
7/18-24/07-second visit trip
7/24?/07-lawyers have had enough of PGN, enter Judicial Review
9/7/07-Judge reinterviews bio mom
9/19?/07-Judge rules in our favor, PGN has 3 days to appeal
9/19/07-Informed we are now going to the appeals court
10/9/07-Informed PGN missed the 3 day appeal opportunity, adoption is completed!
10/25?/07-Birth mom gives final signature
10/26/07-Documents to civil registry
11/19/07-Guatemala City birth certificate issued
11/22/07-Passport issued
11/26/07-Translation of documents completed
11/28/07-Second DNA authorization
11/30/07-DNA sample taken
12/10/07-DNA results
12/11/07-DNA results at the US embassy in Guatemala
??/??/07-Embassy appointment
??/??/07-Pick up Visa

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