Saturday, July 5, 2008

The 4th of July...

Off to the parade!

Don't think I'm enjoying this parade!!!!!
The girls having a snack waiting for the parade to start.
The party scene.

Hannah, Isaac and Chloe playing with chalk. Watching for the John Deere gator to come racing around the driveway.

Hannah, Mikayah and Dillon.
The "gator". The kids were pushing this around the driveway sooooo fast. Then they would stop and the gator would spin. Needless to say this "fun" had to be stopped or I think someone would have ended up in the ER.
Chloe, Charity and Gabriel enjoying a cake won at the carnival.

The girls had their closing program at the Methodist Church Thursday evening. All the kids sang and signed the songs they had learned during the week. It was so cute and they all did an awesome job. After they sang we all enjoyed a great dinner made by the same hardworking women who made lunch all week for the kids. (Again, most of the pictures I took have many kids in them, so I won't post them).
Yesterday for the 4th we went to the annual parade which consisted of lots of fire trucks and bands. There were also some great floats. I can honestly say Dillon HATED most of the parade. He just can't stand to be still. I did get a few good pictures of him in the beginning, before he decided to scream and cry. He liked the bands and did dance, but things went down hill. After the parade we went to Gramie and Grampie's house (Dean and Robins-Darr's parents) and had a BBQ. Dillon was MUCH happier there. The kids had so much fun. We were able to work a bit with Dillon on sharing. Then the fireworks started around 10pm and kids enjoyed those. Dillon was mesmerized by them. He sat sooo still. Our pastor was there and suggested that we have fireworks for his baptism!!! (She knows how well he sits-not!). The fact that it was 2+ hours past his bedtime may have contributed to his stillness. Overall a great day.

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