Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New Thanksgiving shirts.....

Meme has been busy making Thanksgiving shirts. Here is a preview of Dillon's shirt. Of course the reindeer had to be in the picture. I will post pictures of the girls in their shirts later.
Hannah's class has been very busy this week and last. Last Friday we went to Ndakinna Education Center to learn about Indians and survival. Yesterday we had the 1st grade Potlatch. Parents and teachers helped with different craft stations then they went to the cafeteria for a feast, storytelling and singing. The song they sang was so cute. I of course forgot the camera. Pictures would've been tough to get as we were pretty busy.
Today we have 2 appointments at the pediatricians office. Just no way they could be combined. This morning Dillon had his first flu shot. He will have to have a second dose December 30 because this is his first time ever having a flu shot-I think. This afternoon Chloe has to go for her 9 year check up and get a flu shot. Hannah will enjoy this because she already had hers. She gets hers early, as she is considered high risk because she has a history of febrile seizures. I have had mine, Darr is getting his soon so NO flu here I hope!

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