Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Beware security guy.....

Back last week Darr, Dillon and myself went to the County court building to get the forms to "readopt" Dillon. However here in NY state you don't have to readopt as of October, which we knew. NYS now "recognizes, or accepts" foreign adoptions, so NO readoption necessary. This will now make it easier to get a NYS birth certificate for Dillon and legally change his name. Otherwise we only have his ONE copy from Guatemala City. Apparently the security guard didn't know this, as he DEMANDED we go to Family court, which is NOT where we needed to go. He was a rotten, nasty man. So we went to family court only to be sent to county court. Well, with all of this moving around Dillon decided it would be more fun to hop and sing a catchy little tune. Mr. Rotten security guard didn't like this and tried to tell Dillon to be quiet. Yea, that was going to work. Let me mention the other security guard and a police investigator were snickering and found this to be somewhat amusing. Also, I don't believe court was in session, as their were people outside waiting. So after getting the run around we left. Apparently the law is so new nobody knows what to do. We gave up and are meeting with a great lawyer tomorrow.....at the county court building. Hope Dillon has a new song to sing. Mr. Rotten security guard doesn't know how bad it's going to be. Chloe and Hannah will be there as well :) Also our lawyer is meeting another family there. Oh, how Dillon loves other kids. I'd take pictures, but if Mr. Rotten security guard is there, I'm sure he would confiscate my camera.

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Vanessa said...

I think I would have reported the nasty security guard and made him apologize!! I hope you get better news tomorrow!! And if you just need to do a recognition of foreign adoption I completed my own successfully and i still have the documents saved to my computer and I would be more than happy to share them with you!