Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Chloe....

Pre-Party gifts.

The newest American Girl, itty bitty baby Isabella.

Sweet little books from Dolly.

Almost 9!

Madagascar 2 Nintendo DS game.

Cute American Girl sweater.

Make a wish!!
Blake and Kyndra
On Saturday we celebrated Chloe's 9th birthday. Her "real" birthday is the 18th. Our neighbors, Don and Karen, Meme, (Papa was at work), Uncle PJ, Aunt Alice, McKenna, Friends- Todd, Kyndra, Blake, Michael and Uncle Pete all came over for cake and ice cream. Gramie, Grampie and Dolly are in Florida and Holly and Ida went away for the weekend. Chloe helped make and decorate her cake and cupcakes. She received LOTS of great gifts. Thanks to all.

Happy Birthday Chloe!!!!

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