Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lake St. Catherine......

One morning after swimming lessons we headed up to my friend, Heidi's- in-laws camp. What a beautiful location! We brought a picnic lunch and all 13 kids played in the water. Yes, 13 kids total! My friend Theresa, Heidi and I also had a good time.....mainly because all the kids were so good. They caught fish in nets right off the docks and played with tubes in the lake. Hannah and Chloe even caught a fish for Jenna, 3, who loved all the attention from the big girls. By the way the big girls LOVE giving attention to the little ones!

Chase, Emily, Jenna, Gavin and Dillon.....caught something!

Hannah, Jenna, Emily, Sarah, Chloe, Charity,Kayla and Clayton.

Emily, Sarah, Jenna, Hannah, Kayla, Clayton, Mikayah, Quinten and Theresa.
Chloe and Charity

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Nikki said...

Adorable, looks like fun!