Sunday, December 21, 2008

Church Christmas Pageant...

Chloe (Mary) and Hannah (an angel) before church started. Pastor Donna did a great job with the costumes. No need for all of those costumes nightmares Donna :)
Rehearsal with Pastor Donna.

The "show" starts with Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. Pastor Donna had arranged it so nobody had to speak. Just sit and look pretty and handsome. The "story" was told through Christmas carols and bible versus.

Then the angels joined. We could've used a shepherd but Dillon was our only choice, so we passed :)

Here is Dillon wearing a sweater Dolly made for Chloe. Hannah wore it as well. We are getting good use out of it! It is perfect for today as it is so cold and has been snowing since Friday.

Braedyn wasn't requested for the Christmas pageant at church, so he just spent his time on HIS mountain (which I must say is growing each day:)

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