Saturday, December 20, 2008

Good news Mr. Rotten Security Guard.....

we have an appointment with the judge!-Who by the way I've heard LOVES to do these ceremonies and see the children. January 5- bright and early! We are going to be getting Dillon's named officially changed and he will be issued a New York State birth certificate. This is NOT a requirement, as he is already a United States citizen. His name is legally Kenneth Aron Hanks right now and he only has one (copy) birth certificate from Guatemala. After the "ceremony" we can get him a birth certificate issued by the state of New York that will say Dillon Dean Hanks. Imagine in years to come if we accidentally loose that one birth certificate from Guatemala City???? Imagine trying to get another one???? Plus the Guatemalan birth certificate has his name as Kenneth Aron. Try explaining that to the school, social security office, pediatricians office, etc. After this we will have to get a new SS card. All peanuts compared to the adoption!

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