Thursday, December 18, 2008

FFF-Christmas fun....

Wednesday night we went to Chloe's Christmas concert (grades 3 thru 6)at school. This was our first "night" concert, as Chloe is in third grade. Friday we will go to Chloe and Hannah's concert during school. That one will be grades K thru 4 and so adorable. Chloe's concert was very good. Even some of the teachers joined in by dancing during the "Reindeer Prom". I will post pictures of both concerts. If anyone has a child in any of the pictures and wants them removed, leave a comment on the blog and I will delete the picture. It is really tough to get just a picture of our kids. Plus they ALL look so cute I just know everyone would like to see them. This goes for teachers as well :) I tried to get some "dance" shots, as they were all very good! Another thing I would like to explain are EVERYONES eyes. I don't use red eye on my camera, as it slows it down. Once I download the pictures I use a computer program to "fix" the eyes. For some reason it just is NOT working on these concert pictures. So I have turned red eye on and we will see how tomorrows pictures go. Check back for more pictures later Friday.
Chloe in her "Christmas concert" jumper that Meme made. Hannah also has one she will be wearing tomorrow. All three kids have Christmas tee shirts that Meme made as well. Dillon will be wearing his tomorrow.
Dillon showing me that he saved some of his dinner for the concert.

Some teachers dancing to the "Reindeer Prom".

Chloe and Dillon enjoying the rest of the concert. If I were Chloe, I would have sat with a family that didn't have a two year old!!!! He tried to be still, but just couldn't.
Dillon sitting with Papa, and no he's not tired, just a BAD picture of him. I couldn't take it again because I'm certain the flash was very distracting to the audience.
Darr and the kids waiting for the bus. Check out Dillon's "new" ride. He usually rides in a car that Hannah pushes, but the snow and ice were too much for it. Check out the road. That was after a small snow/ ice storm and a two hour delay for school. More snow is coming Friday afternoon.
Dillon LOVES the sled. The bumpier the better.

Chloe with red eye on and no touch up.


Leslie said...

Love all the Christmas concert pictures!!!

Your kids are just adorable!


Vanessa said...

Looks like the program was a HIT!! I LOVE seeing all the snow pictures!!

Robyn said...

How fun!! Merry Christmas to your family!!