Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pug Parade

On October 21st we loaded up and headed on an hour long trip north to attend the annual Pug Parade. For those who don't know, my parents have a pug. This is the second pug. The first one unfortunately passed away some months ago. This pug gets better treatment then me and my brothers ever saw! Winston (the pug) rates as high as the grandchildren. We have been attending this parade since it started. People (crazy like my parents) dress their pugs up (and sometimes themselves) and parade these dogs around hoping to win a prize. Believe it or not some people travel great distances to attend this parade. When Hannah was a baby she was in her stroller at this parade and someone looked in the stroller and was actually disappointed that it was a baby and not a pug. I don't think that would happen anywhere but a pug parade, but I also don't think you would see a pug(s) riding in strollers anywhere else. So here is a picture of Winston the witch and a picture of Chloe, Hannah, Winston and my niece, McKenna.

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