Friday, February 13, 2009


Todays FFF theme is Valentines...of course :) Here are Chloe and Dillon in their Valentine shirts Meme made. Hannah has one also, but didn't want to wear it today. Maybe she's saving it for tomorrow.....or maybe not. I have accepted that I have lost the "clothing" battle with her. She wears what she wants-with a few rules. Clean, fits, in good condition and season appropriate.
Also in the picture you can see one bouquet of beautiful flowers (we have 4 total) thanks to Gramie and Grampie....thank you.
Happy Valentine's Day, Happy Birthday to Papa and congratulations to Marcy and Shane on the birth of Sawyer :)


Leslie said...

Those are CUTE shirts!!!


Melinda said...

The shirts are cute! Happy Valentine's Day!


Kim & Dave said...

I think we are fast moving toward the "loosing the clothing battle" here, too!

Those two are adorable, though!

Robyn said...

How cute!!