Thursday, March 26, 2009


Okay, I know very little about twitter but.....I have a twitter account. I think??? you can go to and search for me, GuatBoy. No guarantees that it will be up to date, but I'm trying :)
We're off to open house tonight at school. Of course the girls are excited to show me around (the school I attended for 13 years:) Darr unfortunately can't go as he has to be in the hospital for school tonight. Meme is taking them early to go to the book fair for a special "grandparents" time. Then me and Dillon will meet them in Chloe's classroom. Dillon's not feeling 100% due to a cold so tonight might be a real challenge. I plan on bringing lollipops (lollilups as he calls them) to try to keep him in the stroller and happy.
Also, tomorrow is a very special day. Darr's grandmother turns 90, yes 90. She is an amazing woman. So full of life and energy!! We love you Dolly and have a great birthday!!!!

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