Friday, June 5, 2009

Our newest family members.....

When we ordered our Guinea hens (10) from Agway, we were told they would be here by the beginning of June. This worked out great because Hannah wanted them for her birthday. Darr called about two months ago just to check on them and was told it would now be early July. So knowing how disappointed Hannah would be, Darr found another place to get them and they would be shipped June 10 but......we had to order at least 25! So he did. When I got home yesterday from grocery shopping, Agway had left a message on our answering machine. The guinea hens were there and we could pick them up any time now!!!! Of course we weren't ready. So Darr and Todd went and got them and bought bedding and food for them. We had a water container from the last bunch and the cow water tub was here, so it didn't take long to be "ready". When we showed Braedyn (the dog) the hens, he was confused and thought the box said KFC, as he tried to eat them. We were able to stop him. We'll continue to work with both dogs, introducing them to the hens and hopefully making them friends and not FOOD!!! As of this morning they are doing well. All made it through the night!

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McKenna said...

aww they are kinda cute!

Mrs. McPhee had 3 little chicks that a former student found and they had just hatched. 2 of them were about 2 days old and one was about a day old and then they all died like a week later.