Saturday, August 8, 2009

Woodford State Park....

Winston....waiting to get to go home!

Hannah and Dillon playing ladder golf.

Our campsite.

Dillon and Meme.

Dillon had persuaded McKenna to carry him.

Dillon's bed.

Breakfast time!

Beach time

The girls creature.

Ida and Hannah on the big rock.

Isn't he cool???

The "dancing machine"

Hannah is really "into" having her picture taken lately.

Hannah and Dillon on the big rock by our campsite.

A stream running through the woods.

Me, Darr and Hannah went on a nature hike around the reservoir.

Hannah roasting her marshmallow.

Chloe roasting her marshmallow.

More dancing.

We went to Woodford State Park this last week with Meme, Papa, McKenna and Winston the pug. The kids LOVED having them there with us. McKenna was such a HUGE help keeping the kids amused. She even took them to the playground. While there she even kept her "cool" when Dillon accidentally didn't get his pants down in time to go "#2". She so calmly called us and told us to get to the playground PRONTO with some wet ones and some clean clothes. What a cousin!! We also had Gramie and cousin Ida come visit. The kids were able to show Ida some of their favorite playing spots. They also spent a lot of time playing at the campers beach catching some type of small lizard/fish thing. Final trip is tomorrow.
*****Why won't blogger let you move things around anymore???? All the beach pictures should be together and I would like the writing to be at the top.*****

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