Friday, October 2, 2009

A rainy Friday....

Hannah and Chloe have been playing with dinosaurs recently. They've even dug out Hannah's dinosaur mountain "thing". Hannah had a period of time where she LOVED dinosaurs....that time has returned. They seem to be playing "house" with them :)
We are hoping to go apple picking sometime next week. The weather looks good for Monday.
This week has been rainy. On Thursday Hannah had her friend Dorothy over and Chloe went to Charity's house. Everyone had a good time :)
School is going well for all. It seems that Dillon overflowed the toilet at preschool. Something about too much toilet paper and lots of flushing! We have discussed it and hopefully that won't happen again! He has also received a "time out" for not putting his coat on to go outside. Oh well....we knew it coming.
*****I started this post on a Friday, but blogger was being difficult******

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