Friday, January 22, 2010


When Chloe was little she watched tv. I guess no more then any other kid. She was also firmly stuck to my side.
Hannah watched a lot of tv, mainly SpongeBob (who isn't all that bad if you watch it). I believe it was a "coping mechanism" for her, a way to just escape her anxious little world.
Dillon came home from Guatemala stuck to the tv, the Disney channel. I couldn't change that right away, it was the most familiar thing to him here (just no Spanish). As time went on I began to notice that Dillon was too busy to watch tv. So I SHUT IT OFF. Dillon watches next to NO tv. Very rarely do I turn it on for him. I'm not against tv by any means and have NO plans to get rid of it, but the kids just don't need it. He is aloud to watch tv at the grandparents houses, preschool or really anywhere except home...where he spends most of his time.
Something else happened when I stopped turning the tv on....the girls didn't turn it on either. I don't think they could even tell you what's on at any given time of the day. They do watch tv while getting ready for school (about 30 minutes). That works for us. They usually watch the Duggars or American Idol or America's Funniest Videos and that's it for the day. What else is great, is they DON'T miss it. They don't ask for it to be on.
Just last night I heard on some news show that parents who place restrictions on computer time for their kids, have kids who naturally use the computer less. About a month ago Darr installed NetNanny on our computer. To put it nicely, NetNanny is a pain in the BUTT. BUT we have no worries about what the girls are "seeing or reading" online. Yes they complained because they couldn't go to many sites that are actually ok for them, but we were able to override the Nanny and allowed them, but they had to get one of us to do that. Everything is password protected. Now who would've guessed, but it is rare that they use the computer anymore. We have approved all of their favorite sites so the computer really hasn't changed that much other then they must sign in......other then the restrictions have been placed.
Now to get them to clean their rooms!
The pictures above are Dillon watching tv. Hannah was on the couch sick, so I felt it was an ok time for the tv to be on.
He didn't even know his picture was being taken. This was a true treat for him....and us. He was completely still!

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