Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Swimming Lessons.....

This year the girls took swimming lessons for the month of July. They really enjoy it. Hannah also enjoyed doing crafts while she waited for Chloe to have her lessons. Right after Hannah's lessons were "free swim" which Hannah never passed up on. Chloe was all dry by then so she waited with me. I enjoyed my time there visiting with friends....see you soon Heidi & Shelly :)
The ****** Presbytery owns this camp and unfortunately has put it up for sale. I hate to say it but hopefully it doesn't sell. However any interested buyers are being told how valuable this pool is to local communities and how a profit is made from the swimming lessons. Parents were asked to write letters asking the Presbytery to PLEASE continue with the lessons if it doesn't sell. SO....we have our fingers crossed for next year.

This is Steph.
She is an amazing teacher. That's why she's in charge. She even taught me how to swim as a kid. I think her personal goal is to make sure every child learns to swim.
Thank you so much Steph :)

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