Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween 2010......
A few nights before Halloween we carved pumpkins. Chloe wasn't overly thrilled to do it, but I guess we're just getting to that age where certain activities just aren't as much fun as they used to be. Hannah was right into it. Dillon wanted no part in it, but loved his pumpkin when Darr finished it.
A few nights after that the girls and I went to the Halloween party at school. Theresa (my friend), Charity (her daughter and Chloe's friend), Mikayah (Theresa's daughter and Hannah's friend)and Quinten (Theresa's son, Dillon's little buddy) all came over to get ready with us. Dillon stayed with Meme and Papa.
Dillon had his Halloween party at school that day and I didn't want to overwhelm him.....and me. Darr went to his party with him (I had to work) and forgot the camera, but apparently the party went very well.
Then it was Halloween. We spent the afternoon with PJ, Donna, Meme & Papa. After dinner we headed out trick-or-treating to just a few houses.

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