Saturday, January 29, 2011

Snow and such.....

We have had a lot of snow this year. Probably just a normal amount (or maybe a bit more) but it just seems like it snows everyday. The kids have already used all three snowdays.
On one snowday the girls made crayons with their crayon maker. They really love to make/design fun, crazy looking crayons.
Today Chloe made peanutbutter cookies, pretty much all by herself. Hannah made chocolate chip muffins with just a bit of help.
The girls have been going to art class afterschool one day a week which they really look forward to. Their art will be "featured" in an exhibit coming up soon. They will be helping to get the gallery ready for the show.
Chloe continues with the trumpet and is also working on a state report for school. Her state is New Hampshire. I remember doing the same report only my state was Texas.
Hannah is now playing basketball and other then getting hit in the nose, resulting in a bloody nose, it's going well. She is also working with her OM team for their competition in March.

Dillon continues to love preschool. It's even more offical now, having seen a child psychiatrist and psychologist Dillon has ADHD. The psychriatrist actually said ADHD with a capital H. She declared him very charming, imaginative and smart.....but very hyper and impulsive. None of which was a surprise to us. So we are trying some new medication and it seems to be doing ok. He will be seeing the psychologist to work on learning how to play better with others.....which he needs!
And such is our life :)

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