Sunday, February 27, 2011

Boys will be Boys.....

I think I've mention that Dillon has been diagnosed with ADHD. We've been working on getting "it" under control since September. It's amazing what these medications can do. Not always good either. One medication made him severely OCD. Yes he was calm but WOW, not what we were looking for. Right now I think we've hit the jack pot so to speak. He is doing very well. Evenings are tough as the medication is gone out of his system, but it's worth it for the "good times" during the day. Right now we have cut out one of the two meds he's on to see if he really needs it. Monday after preschool we will make our decision.
I think after parents have tried "everything" to help their kids with ADHD, they really need to turn to medication. It shouldn't be a first choice, but more of a last resort, which is where we were. Dillon is soooo much happier which makes all of us happier. As of now he has had 5 straight excellent days at preschool. That would not have happened without the medication. I know there are a lot of people opposed to medicating children, but honestly I think not medicating is a huge mistake. I feel you owe it to your child to give them what they need to make life as easy/manageable as possible.They have a chemical imbalance. If your child were diabetic would you withhold insulin??? I guess diabetes could be considered a chemical imbalance.
I will be the first to admit I wasn't a firm believer of ADHD. I thought those kids just needed more disipline. Why can't the parents make them behave?? Boy have I changed my mind! The saying "boys will be boys" kept playing in my head, almost as much as it was said to me by others. But deep down I really knew it was more then that. By the time he was 2 I knew he had ADHD. It was more then just "Oh, you're just used to girls". I noticed he was so much more active then other little boys. So we worked on it. By January of his first year of preschool his teacher saw what I was talking about. By September of this past year something more needed to be done. Kindergarten was just around the corner. I had heard medication for ADHD was tough to get right. That certainly was the truth! So we started. And we stopped. And we started again. Right now we have it right, or pretty close. He is now a happy, active little boy. He is incredibly smart (as we learned when we had him evaluated) and very eagerly learning his letters. Socially he's behind. That I also knew. But, it's OK. He is making so much progress. Now I can say "boys will be boys" as he is ALL boy.

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