Monday, April 25, 2011

Fort Myers Beach.....

Last Saturday we boared a plane and headed off to Fort Myers Beach, Florida. We were especially excited to get out of New York because of our long, long, long, cold, cold, cold winter. Also to see Darr's parents and grandmother. Darr's sister Holly and her daughter were vacationing there with us as well.
We weren't sure how the flight was going to be with Dillon but he did great both ways. He even feel asleep on the way down. He did sleep through the lightening storm we went through. I think we went through a tornado as well! It felt it anyway. It was a very rough flight down, but coming home was much calmer.

We, mostly me ended up taking well over 400 pictures! So it's going to take me a few days to post them.....not all!So this first group of pictures is mostly pool and golf cart shots.
We stayed in the same trailer park that Darr's parents stay in. We were actually just a few trailers down the street which worked out great. To get around in the park you travel by golf cart. The kids LOVED that.
At the pool the kids of course did great. They had been looking forward to it for so long. Dillon loved the water as well. Maybe too much. I hope Dean has recuperated from Dillon's many "drowning" episodes. Will Dillon ever learn??? After being yanked up he goes right back in for more. All boy I guess.

                                    Chloe, Ida, Hannah and Dillon at "our" house.
                                   Hannah, Ida and Chloe out cruising.
                                  Dillon pretending to drive.
                           Holly, Robin, Hannah, Ida and Chloe heading to the pool.
                                            Chloe, Darr, Hannah and Ida
                  Dillon and his friend Jackson. They were perfect for each other!

                                    Chloe, Ida and Hannah enjoying the pool.
                                                       The girls!
                                              Darr, Dillon and Chloe
                                                   Ida and Hannah
                                              Darr, Chloe and Dillon

               Dean's (Darr's father) pool????? The sign says Dean on the pool house.
                                                  Darr, our driver.
Another view down the street.

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