Saturday, June 11, 2011

Kindergarten screening.....

Over the Spring Dillon headed off to "big school" for Kindergarten screening. His first time at school was for checking for "readiness". Well he's ready!
Scholastically he did amazing. Socially.....we have some work to do. This was no surprise and we are working on it. He's not even 5 yet, so he is young for Kindergarten. With his diagnosis of ADHD we all feel he will do better going this year, not waiting until next year. We will not hesitate to keep him back though if we feel he needs it. He must be challenged ALL the time so he's not bored....and doing things he shouldn't! His second day at school was to ride the bus (which he already has) and spend some time in Kindergarten. He loved his time at school! Hopefully that continues.
Next will be his preschool graduation in just about a week!!!

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