Monday, July 11, 2011

The Great Escape.....

On Saturday, July 2nd we went to Six Flags Great Escape Amusement Park.
Through the hospital where Darr works we were able to get cheaper admission tickets and meal vouchers.The only catch was we had to use them that weekend.
I was surprised the park wasn't packed full. It was a holiday weekend.
Chloe and Hannah had each earned a free ticket from a reading program at school so they went for free!
At the park Dillon seemed to be scared of a lot of rides so the girls went on them with
him. They are so good to their little brother.....most of the time.....ok, SOME of the time! Darr went with the girls for the big kid rides.
 However he was NOT afraid when he was chosen to be
the deputy for the sheriff in ghost town. He helped catch those bank robbers!
That I video taped but it's too long to post on here. It was pretty funny.
We all had a really good time.

                                      Notice the police in the background....

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